1 Surefire Way To Escape The Clutches Of A Nagging Wife Or Girlfriend

When a wife or girlfriend gets in ‘nag mode’ there’s not much you can do. Prayers don’t work either. The only way out when faced with such a situation is quick plan that works. This article offers one surefire way on how to escape the clutches of a nagging wife/girlfriend.

The first thing you do when you sense that nagging session is about to fireball is surprise your woman with something she’d least expect. For instance if you are returning from work and are expecting that nagging session with your wife/girlfriend you have to think of something to take away your

woman’s mind off that topic of discussion that transforms her into a ‘nag queen’. Shock her with a gift she’d never expect, like lingerie, a see-through bra or a see-through panty, or both. It’s not that men don’t buy women sexy lingerie; they do, but most times men buy that commodity for a special occasion. If you are in for a nagging session from your girlfriend there’s nothing that can save you, except sexy lingerie.

Most men play it safe with the color black; well I say purple makes a woman go….hmm! No matter how old a woman is…when she opens a gift she’s like a child, that glee lights up her face instantaneously. As she unwraps the gift, get your act busy

and set the tempo right. Go right ahead and play some sensual romantic instrumental music you usually don’t. When the gift is unwrapped, the look on your woman’s face is a million bucks. You catch a glimpse of a wry smile, shock, excitement, raised eyebrows, and a quick gulp. After a few minutes of inspection and admiration, you may have the see-through lingerie teasingly chucked at you in your face, get into the naughty game and throw it right back at her. From there on everything is like a beautiful sexual fantasy that flows sensually and seamlessly. While you spice up your sex life, your mission of escaping a nagging session is also accomplished. Moments like these save men from the fires of hell, that nagging session of discussion with wife/girlfriend that is utterly pointless.


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