10 Reasons Why Pokemon Go Is The Best Thing That Happened To Mankind

Pokemon Go has had a tremendous impact on people from around the globe. People from all walks of life are playing this augmented reality game. The world is on the move... literally. Here’s a detailed perspective why Pokemon Go is the best thing that happened to mankind.

A lot comes to mind when you mention games. Playing games is one of the most popular activities worldwide. While purists may not consider gaming an activity… a gamer would know best. Over the years game developers have come up with games that have mesmerized audiences. Since smartphones have come into being, the gaming format on smartphones has become exceedingly popular. Game developers are bringing in elements that are intriguing, addictive, and engaging in gaming. Least surprising why individuals in different age groups are hooked on to certain games on their smartphone.

 Pokemon Go is a game that has taken the

world by storm. This augmented reality game has charmed audiences. Pokemon Go is a location based game developed by Niantic for Android and iOS devices. Ever since this free-to-play game has come into existence, individuals globally seem engrossed and more active. We’ve got to say this “Pokemon Go Is making people active.” This game is definitely making people healthier in body. Well, without a healthy body there cannot be a healthy mind. Suddenly all the laziness seems to have disappeared… thanks to Pokemon Go. This game which became a social media phenomenon soon after release has quickly gone onto become the most popular game worldwide. People from all walks of life are walking as they play Pokemon Go thereby making this game the fitness mantra.

People need to be on the move to hunt for Pokemon points, and ever since the game came into existence… people have been walking to amass Pokemon points. People from all over the world are walking a lot more than they used to. Yeah, Pokemon Go has managed to get people walking, and regular walks contribute in a big way towards a healthy life. Walking is a good way to keep fit, and thanks to this location based game… the couch potato is taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

This game has changed the dynamics of lifestyle. Playing this game people are adopting a healthy lifestyle. In a bid to amass Pokemon points, individuals are walking every day, and that’s certainly a good thing considering the fact that we spend most of our hours sitting and staring at screens of gadgets. There has never been a game that has contributed towards health benefits… Pokemon Go is a first of its kind and the world loves this location based game. While the opinion about Pokemon Go in regard with the game being a boon or curse remains divided, here’s why we think the game is the best thing that has happened to mankind.

10 Reasons Why Pokemon Go Is the Best Thing That Happened To Mankind

1. Bringing People Together

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that is bringing people together. Social interaction has increased tremendously since this game came into being. People from all walks of life meet each other and communicate. This game helps being in numbers. Furthermore interacting with people real time adds vibrancy to personality. Individuals have been able to get rid of their shy nature playing this game.

2. Business Establishments have benefited greatly

Pokemon Go has helped businesses flourish with the influx of people that gather at Pokestops. Shopkeepers all over the world are reporting increased sales as an influx of people gathers at Pokestops. This game has helped business and sales in a big way. When crowds gather… business establishments in the vicinity do brisk business.

3. Helped people overcome anxiety and depression

Many individuals have been able to overcome anxiety and depression playing Pokemon Go. Individuals suffering from depression confine themselves to their home. Pokemon Go has helped individuals overcome depressive feelings through social interaction. Playing this game… individuals with anxiety disorders have been able to overcome specific phobias including social phobia.

4. Has minimized Crime with Numbers

Since Pokemon Go came into the picture, many states and cities in respective countries have reported a drop in crime rate. This game is getting people outdoors. The influx of crowds moving around playing Pokemon Go

has minimized thefts and daylight burglaries. Strength in numbers is a good thing…and thanks to this location based game, people are always on the move and keep vigil on activity in neighborhoods.

5. Created an increased Influx of visitors at Museums and Historic Places of History and Art

Over the years the numbers in terms of people visiting museums and historic places of art and history have dwindled. However, thanks to Pokemon Go…since the game was released the number of people visiting museums, historical monuments and places of worship has increased tremendously. The charm of visiting historical monuments in the vicinity has made a comeback, thanks to this simple and engaging location basted game.

6. Promoting Well Being and Fitness

The gaming dynamics of this game are such that people need to be on the move to amass Pokemon points. This gaming layout has ensured that people move out of their homes and walk as they play the game. The gaming dynamics of Pokemon Go has made people more active. This game is responsible for making the ‘couch potato’ venture into the open. Individuals glued to the television and their computer are now moving out of their home and walking. In the long run Pokemon Go will contribute in a big way towards a fit world.

7. Has improved Parent-Children relationships

Many parents complain about lack of understanding and communication with their children. Pokemon Go has changed Parent-children relationship in a big way. Since the release of this game parents and children have been seen walking together in parks playing Pokemon Go together. The parent-children equation in regard with gaming has gotten stronger and constructive since Pokemon Go came into being.

8. People are visiting parks again

Unlike in past decades where individuals used to take long walks or sit on the bench under the shade of a tree… not many individuals spend time in parks. We conveniently put the blame on this age of technology. We are so busy with our hectic schedules we forgo the simple pleasures of life. What Pokemon Go has done is help individuals connect with the outdoors. Since the game’s release many individuals all over the world have been seen walking in parks in groups.

9. Given Gaming a Brand New Identity

Many parents do not like their children playing games. Parents are of the opinion children waste time playing games. The release of free-to-play Pokemon Go has destroyed all negative theories in regard with gaming. Here is a game that both children and adults have taken a liking. This simple location based augmented reality game does not contain any violence but rather makes people more social and active with its gaming dynamics. Gaming has a brand new identity with Pokemon Go.

10. Created Bonding among People

Since the game released, bonding among people has been astounding. People from all walks of life have formed groups playing Pokemon Go. People are helping out strangers to source and amass Pokemon points. The world is learning and sharing information and knowledge of this game with fellow Pokemon Go players… Pokemon Go groups are increasing everyday…this is just the beginning.

If you have reached thus far reading… and enjoy playing Pokemon Go you are testimony to the fact that you are a part of the gaming revolution. Play safe. Cheers!

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