10 Simple Ways To Fix A Broken Relationship

When a relationship crumbles or is fragmented it takes the right moves to get back on track. This article brings to light a detailed perspective on how to fix a broken relationship.

Every couple has to work towards keeping their partner excited and motivated. Both individuals in a relationship have to work on various aspects that make a relationship fruitful. A relationship has to be nurtured slowly and steadily. Never take your partner for granted in a relationship. Relationships crumble when one partner takes the other for granted. For a relationship to bloom, it takes two. The moment disinterest finds space in a relationship, monotony and boredom take over. Instead of discovering new sides of each other every day, a couple tends to break away from the monotonous personalities of their partner.


the bridge of faith and trust is broken, it gets difficult for couples to dwell in the same space. When uncertainty and confusion take refuge in a relationship, arguments and fights begin to surface. A broken relationship can drain individuals physically and emotionally. A couple in a broken relationship may live under the same roof, but often fail to remain united in the bond of love. To fix a broken relationship, there needs to be purity in thoughts, words and deeds. The lines below enlighten the mind with ways to mend a broken relationship.

10 Simple Ways to mend a Broken Relationship

1. Communicate with each Other (Express Freely)

In a broken relationship, a couple holds onto the mute button. When there is no communication between partners you cannot expect a miracle. The foundation of a healthy relationship is based upon communication. In a broken relationship, it’s the ego that suppresses your true feelings. Do not allow your ego to prevent you from mending a broken relationship. Do not wait for your partner to speak with you. Be the first to communicate with your partner. A conversation can build new bridges that cement and heal a broken relationship.

2. Plan a weekend Outing

In a broken relationship, partners do not express and communicate freely. In such situations the social aspect in a relationship takes a beating. Inform your partner about the weekend outing you have planned. You need your partner to be free on a weekend, which is why you need to inform your partner about the weekend outing you have planned. A peaceful and quiet getaway is perfect to rejuvenate your relationship. A cozy conversation under night skies can bring back the spark in a broken relationship.

3. Surprise your partner with little joys and thrills

Remember the little moments that thrilled you as a couple and surprise your partner with the little joys and thrills you enjoyed together. It could be a pillow fight or throwing a little water on each other or anything similar. It’s the little joys of life that help fix a broken relationship. Childish activities are endearing, pure and evoke laughs. Keep in mind, a bout of childhood activity opens new doors to fix a broken relationship. It’s the simple things in life that make a healthy impact on a relationship.

4. Be willing to adapt and change

Numerous couples that are going through a broken relationship feel they are in the situation because of their partner’s unwillingness to change. In a healthy relationship it is ‘you’ that have to be the change. When you are in love you do not wait for your partner to make sacrifices. When you change for the sake of your partner, you partner realizes you are willing to adapt and change for her/him. This evokes a change in your partner and thereby helps fix a broken relationship.

5. Hold onto positivity

It’s a known fact that

individuals with a positive attitude make a huge difference in the lives of others. If you are going through a broken relationship, do not give up on hope; instead be positive that the best days of your life are yet to arrive. Positivity and hope give inner strength when you are going through a rough patch with your partner. A positive approach and a positive attitude will rub off on your partner and in turn fill the cracks in your broken relationship with love.

6. Avoid playing the blame game

Couples often point fingers at each other when a relationship hits a dead end. Instead of playing the blame game, it’s wise to ponder over the wrongs you have done and work towards strengthening your relationship. You strengths will always remain your strengths, but when you strive towards improving upon your weakness, you partner is inspired to do the same.

7. Do Not Be Opinionated to prove a point

When a relationship is going downhill, opinions get loud. Both partners want to win over each other during an argument or discussion. You do not have to be overly opinionated about everything just to prove a point to your partner. Every individual should have an opinion; however an opinion should not be used as a means to overcome by proving a point. When a couple is going through a bad patch, its best to avoid opinionated talks, because such talks escalate into a direction that can only damage the relationship. Talk to each other like friends do, and make opinionated moments funny rather than serious.

8. A dose of humor makes a huge difference

Never put a stop on those moments of humor. In a broken relationship, its moments of cheer and laughter that bring couples closer. Do not hesitate to share a joke or a funny incident with your partner. When a relationship is in rough waters, humor that evokes laughter, joy, and cheer helps heal the inner pain in a broken relationship.

9. Get rid of suppressed anger

In a broken relationship, couples often have anger suppressed within. With suppressed anger come a lot of negative emotions. The ego gets inflated further and pride does not allow you to be yourself. Do not let yourself be riddled by suppressed anger. You can get rid of suppressed anger only by learning to forgive each other. Forgiveness helps strengthen a broken relationship.

10. Do not hesitate to seek help from friends, relatives or a relationship counselor

If you are in a broken relationship, be willing to seek help to make your relationship work. Individuals shy away from seeking help from a professional when their relationship has his rock bottom. You can always avail the services of a relationship counselor if you feel you need advise on a particular aspect in your relationship. Also, friends and relatives who are close to you will be willing to help you with advice if you need it.  

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