10 Strongest Military Powers Of The World In Recent Years

War has been prevalent since ancient times. Every country will do what it takes to protect its land and defend its people from foreign threats. Military powers work relentlessly to ensure their land is impregnable. This article showcases a list of the strongest military powers in recent years.

The existence of conflict has been traced since early civilization. Our world is in need of peace, but right now our world is in pieces, torn apart by power and war. Every country is trying to prove a point. The world has been at war in the past and we do not want

another one. Blood has been spilt in war, innocent blood, yet we do not learn. The bleeding has got to stop. When will it? In recent years Military powers from around the world have strengthened their armies tremendously, to ward off threats on their land. Below is a list of the strongest military powers in recent years.

10 Strongest Military Powers of the world in Recent Years

1. USA
• Military Personell- 1,472,000
• Naval Crafts- 223
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 26,500
• Fighter Jets - 22,400
• Annual Defense Budget- $695 Billion


2. China
• Military Personell- 2, 276,000
• Naval Crafts- 727
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 26,525
• Fighter Jets-2,425
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 135 Billion


3. Russia
• Military Personell- 1,246,000
• Naval Crafts- 285
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 13,550
• Fighter Jets- 6,550
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 66 Billion


4. India
• Military Personell- 1,330,000
• Naval Crafts- 117
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks-6,025
• Fighter Jets - 2,500
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 45 Billion


5. France
• Military Personell-364,000
• Naval Crafts- 105
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 7,255
• Fighter Jets-1,900
• Annual Defense Budget-$ 60 Billion


6. UK
• Military Personell- 2,25,000
• Naval Crafts-80
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 5,550
• Fighter Jets- 2,600
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 57 Billion


7. Germany
• Military Personell- 155,000
• Naval Crafts- 58
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 2,250
• Fighter Jets- 1,280
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 45 Billion


8. Italy
• Military Personell- 295,000
• Naval Crafts-102
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 5,450
• Fighter Jets- 1050
• Annual Defense Budget- $34 Billion


9. Brazil
• Military Personell- 372,000
• Naval Crafts- 68
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 1950
• Fighter Jets- 1645
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 32 Billion


10. South

• Military Personell- 650,000
• Naval Crafts- 164
• Armored Vehicles & Tanks- 4920
• Fighter Jets- 1010
• Annual Defense Budget- $ 29 Billion

The next top 10 military powers of the world are
• Israel
• Turkey
• Japan
• Pakistan
• Canada
• Iran
• Spain
• Egypt
• Indonesia
• Thailand

This ranking is based taking into consideration aspects such as combat, troop movement, experience, skill, warfare, weapons, training, and intelligence amongst others. Keep in mind it’s not an entirely numbers game. While debates, doubts, questions, and comparisons in regard with top military powers of the world will not end, let’s hope wars do!

While the size of the China’s army may be twice that of the size of US army, considering strike power, intelligence, strategy, utilization of advanced weapons, and modern equipment used, US emerges on top. Numbers associated with countries are indicators and should not be treated as wholly accurate, this because they are likely to constantly change in accordance with need of situation for every country. All the countries mentioned in this list have active warheads. Every country is strengthening its military power to ward of threats, this is happening at a rapid pace. God forbid, if nuclear weapons are used in the future, loss of life will be devastatingly huge. Wars only destroy and damage, they should be avoided. Let us hope and pray this world does not witness the brutality of another world war.

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