10 Surefire Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

You cannot shy away from expenses on your wedding; there is nothing you can do about. However, if you plan wisely you can save a lot of money on your wedding. Here’s a detailed perspective on how you reduce costs and save money at weddings.

In present times most couples that intend to tie the knot hand over the tasks and duties of their wedding ceremony to a wedding planner. If you hand over duties of a wedding to a wedding planner, be aware costs involved are high depending on the tasks given to the wedding planner. It’s a wise idea to hand over only the essential task list to a wedding planner. Wedding expenses can exhaust all you have saved up for a better life. Planning and taking wise decisions help save a lot of money on your wedding. Keep in mind, wedding planners

add every little detail in their package, and hence it makes sense to do some wedding tasks yourself instead of handing it over to the wedding planner. There are many factors that save costs of weddings. If you plan properly, you definitely save money in large amounts on your wedding.

The lines below reveal how to save money on your wedding and reduce wedding expenses.

10 surefire ways to save money on your wedding

1. Choosing the Venue for the Wedding Reception

Selecting the venue is quite a task. Considering the number of choices you have at hand, it gets difficult for a couple to take the right decision in regard with the wedding venue. A wedding venue should be selected taking into consideration your needs and requirements. Couples have the option of choosing an outdoor reception venue or an indoor wedding venue. Some open air venues are very expensive depending on the location. Choose a wedding venue in accordance with the number of people you have invited to your wedding. It is often seen couples select an overly large wedding venue when only few guests are invited to the wedding, it does not make sense, and it’s a waste of space and money. Outdoor location weddings can be expensive because of the large number of decorations that go into beautifying surroundings. A reception at a marriage hall with aesthetic decorations saves money at weddings.

2. Sending wedding invitations online

A trend that has become popular since the internet came into being is E cards. Sending wedding invitations online saves a significant amount of money. Printing wedding cards is considered traditional, well, it is, but some traditional-old-fashioned ways are expensive and it makes sense to make way for new methods that save on costs. You can design your own simple online wedding theme card and send them to your friends and relatives inviting them to your wedding. Keep in mind you need money the most when you start life after marriage and sending invitations online saves a good amount of money. Sending wedding invitations online saves money on your wedding.

3. The Wedding ride

Well, many couples like to have a fancy mode of transport during their wedding. Fancy cars are popular with couples at weddings. I you love horsepower; it makes sense to go traditional and save money. Having a chariot to drive you around would be less expensive than a Lamborghini. Your mode of transport during a wedding can save money, lot of it, choose wisely.

4. Choosing the Season for Wedding

The time of the year determines overall costs at a wedding. Weddings during the months from October to November turn out to be very expensive globally. During the festive season, prices are increased on goods and services as the demand is exceedingly high. It’s a good idea to have a wedding during an off-season. The months of March to May ideal to have a wedding as goods and services are cheaper during this season. Furthermore, when the competition for dates during the season is less, prices are less expensive. The season you decide to tie the knot does save money.

5. Selecting the day for your wedding

You may not put a lot of thought into this one, but the fact is weekend weddings are more expensive than weddings on weekdays. Yes, prices on bookings of venues from Monday to Friday are far less than the same on Saturday and Sunday. The day of your wedding can save you a lot of money. Take the time and choose your wedding day wisely.

6. The Wedding Dress

Well, most bridegrooms around the world are not too picky about the Tuxedo or suit they wear for the wedding; however, most brides are picky about their wedding gown. The bridal dress can cost a fortune, and most brides spend saved earnings on their wedding dress. Well, designer wedding dresses are expensive. If you have an affinity

for designer dresses, look around as you shop. Many Shopping malls have sales going on throughout the year on designer brands. When you look around you will always find something of your choice at a discounted price. Also, getting your wedding dress stitched is less expensive than buying a ready-to-wear wedding dress. Picking the right dress to wear on your wedding ensures you save money.

7. Saving costs on Wedding Cakes

The prices of wedding cakes in present times are insanely priced. Yes, wedding cakes are expensive, especially theme cakes. Many couples love to have theme cakes at their wedding. Well, a theme cake is a wonderful idea, but do you need a theme cake for your wedding and why. These are questions you need to have valid answers to. A simple three tier wedding cake is inexpensive and helps saves money. However if you want to go with a theme cake, it’s a wise move to seek services of cake makers that have set shop recently. Every cake shop that has opened doors recently offer discounts on wedding theme cakes and cake to be served to guests. There is a lot of word of mouth publicity and marketing that happens about the wedding cake, guests talk about the cake, and cake makers benefit a great deal from word of mouth publicity. It’s a win-win situation for the wedding couple and the cake maker.

8. Choosing the Food Menu at Weddings

Food at weddings can exhaust all your savings depending on the number of people invited to the wedding, and the types of dishes chosen for the wedding reception. Chicken is a healthy meat, and is less expensive that other meats. Most wedding receptions have buffet style meals. Also serving vegetarian starters instead of non-vegetarian starters reduces the overall costs on food. Furthermore, opting for package dishes that wedding caterers have on offer helps save on costs significantly. 

9. Saving costs with drinks at a wedding

It’s you that has got to decide the type of drinks to be served at your wedding reception. You have a choice, alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic drinks. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize non-alcoholic drinks save a lot of money at weddings. However, not many couples around the world can imagine their wedding without alcoholic drinks. For individuals that want to have alcoholic drinks at their wedding, you have to realize that every bottle that is opened at a bar is charged. The three most common alcoholic drinks at a wedding bar are whiskey, rum, and vodka. The expenses on these depend on the brand you opt to have for your wedding. If you opt for expensive brands consider having a limited bar time, by doing so you ensure not many bottles are opened. You will be surprised by how much you save by having a limited bar time.

10. Have Homemade Takeaway gifts at weddings

A lot of money goes into takeaway gifts for guests at weddings. Keep in mind a takeaway gift doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish, rather it needs to be memorable, something the guest can cherish in a long time. Buying takeaway gifts at a gift shop can be expensive. Homemade takeaway gifts are less expensive and also creative. The best place to get creative homemade takeaway gifts is with online sellers. Many sellers offer unique takeaway wedding crafts that make memorable takeaway gifts at weddings. On social networks you find a lot of creative individuals that want to sell their art and craft. You can have your takeaway gifts customized in accordance with your liking by giving your inputs to the artist. Customized take away gifts save money and connect with guests in memories.

Hope the aforementioned ways inspire you to spend wisely and save money on your wedding. Every couple needs money the most soon after marriage. Expenses come up without warning; it’s wise you save money.

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