10 Things You Are Likely To Find In Your Jeans Pockets

Jeans is the most popular garment globally. Many people around the world wear jeans every day of the week. There is a lot that gets stuffed in jeans pockets. This article brings to light things you are likely to find in jeans pockets.

Denim is a durable fabric which can be worn for all seasons. Not many of us can imagine what life would be without jeans. The dynamic casual look or semi formal look that jeans bring forth is like no other. Doesn’t come as a surprise why majority of individuals around the world love to wear jeans 7 days of the week. A pair of jeans just goes on…and…on…and…on. Whenever we throw our jeans for a wash or do the laundry, we make it a point to check jeans pockets. Every time we check jeans pockets we are likely to find

something in jeans pocket/s. We have that bewildered look when we find things in our jeans pockets, that’s because we usually put things in our jeans pocket in a subconscious state of mind.

Sometimes, we come across crumpled receipts or crumpled money after the jeans has been washed in a washing machine. If it’s a currency of a high denomination that has gone through hell in the laundry machine, our heart breaks as we see stare at the almost-shredded-crumpled money. Yeah, the stuff we find in jeans pockets is quite amazing. Here’s a list of items you are likely to find in your jeans pockets on different occasions.

1. Money

An item you invariably find in jeans pockets is money. It could be small denomination coins or currency notes. Currency notes or coins are often stuffed in back pockets. Sometimes coins are also found in the small coin pocket of jeans. The expression on our face says a lot when we find money in our jeans pocket, we feel elated every time we find our own money.

2. Bill Receipts

It’s quite surprising how bill receipts pile up in jeans pockets. Every time you get rid of old bill receipts from your jeans pockets, new ones seem to find their way. The bill receipt saga in jeans pockets is an old one, and will continue until end of days.

3. Credit Card

Many men do carry a wallet but invariably forget to put their credit card back in their wallet after making purchases at supermarkets. Instead, the credit card is goes into the back pocket. This usually happens when there is a long queue at cash counters. The mind gets restless when you have to wait a long time in line and in a subconscious state of mind the card goes into the jeans pocket instead of the wallet.

4. Hair clips/Hair bands

Many women seem to put their hair clip or hair band in their jeans pocket instead of their purse they carry. Women carry an endless supply of items they call essentials in their purse, however small items such as a hair clip or a small elastic hair band end up in jeans pockets. It’s quite baffling, but it’s true, women tend to stuff many small items in their jeans pockets.

5. Candy sweets/Mint sweets

Sometimes we find candy sweets or mint sweets in our jeans pockets. Not many of us have a fair idea of how long the candy sweet has been lying in the jeans pocket, but yeah, we do feel happy when we find a candy sweet in our jeans pockets.

Many smokers carry mint sweets in their jeans pocket. The mint sweets are usually had after a smoke for some fresh breath, and few mints remain in jeans pockets. That old mint in your jeans pocket can bring back memories.

6. Movie Tickets

Whenever we go to the movies, we put the movie ticket in our jeans pocket and forget about it. If you are a movie buff, movie tickets just seem to pile up in jeans pockets. Why those tickets remain in jeans pockets for months remains a mystery.

7. Smartphone

On occasions we look all over for our smartphone but fail to find it. It’s only when we make a call or ask a friend to call on the number, we realize the cellphone lying in a jeans pocket. Ideally cell phones should not be kept in a pocket. However, majority of smartphone users carry their smartphone in their jeans pocket. Men tend to put their smartphones in their front jeans pockets, while many women squeeze in their smartphone in the back pocket of jeans. How women manage to squeeze in their smartphone in the back pocket of skinny jeans remains a mystery.

8. Keys

Many of us have a place at home where we keep keys or hang keys. At times keys are not found in their usual place, and then we spend time looking for keys everywhere. We chance upon the keys when we put our hands in our jeans pocket. On some days when we get back home, we forget to remove the keys from our jeans pocket, this often happens when you have had a tiring day.

9. Coupons

Many shopping malls or supermarkets offer coupons to their customers on purchases made. These coupons can be redeemed for a discount. When cashiers hand over coupons, they end up in jeans pockets and are forgotten about. When coupons are found, it’s too late. Staring at an elapsed validity date can be heartbreaking.

10. Prescription Tablets

It’s weird, but yes you are likely to come an old prescription tablet or two in you jeans pocket. Individual with travel sickness often carry prescription tablets for their travel sickness/ motion sickness. These tablets are forgotten about after a travel trip and dwell in deep corners for back pockets for ages.

Other items you are like to find in jeans pockets

  • Toothpicks
  • Safety Pins (In a woman’s jeans pocket)
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Parking Tickets

What have you found in your jeans pocket?

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