100 Greatest American Heavy Metal Bands

Since the late 60s heavy metal has come into its own and gone onto become one of the most popular rock genres globally. This article sheds light on the best American Heavy Metal Bands.

When you listen to the hard hitting sentiments expressed in a heavy metal song, you cannot but help feel euphoria. For a heavy metal fan, the words and music in a brutal musical composition feel divine. Once you dwell in the realms of heavy metal, you understand the varied elements that bring forth a song to life and the nuances that go onto make a song an anthem. Over the years numerous British Heavy metal bands and American Heavy Metal bands have enthralled audiences the world over. Musically the sound of British heavy metal and American heavy metal has been

contrastingly different.

Towards the end of the 60s, many bands with a blues-rock sound started experimenting with heavier rhythm section this experimentation led the way for the heavy metal movement. Bands such as Blue Cheer, Steppenwolf, and Grand Funk Railroad were pioneering acts that shaped the Heavy metal movement in the US. Heavy Metal gathered momentum in the early 70s, and by the 80s Heavy Metal was the biggest movement in music history. Heavy Metal had spread its wings globally by the 80s, and until this day remains one of the most popular rock genres.

The emergence of New Wave of American Metal

Many American heavy metal bands of the 70s were known for their signature style riffing which laid emphasis on key riffs in different parts of a song. The heavy metal sound of the 70s has been described by many music writers as ‘Epic’, and epic it is. With the 90s came the ‘New Wave of American Heavy Metal’ and the sound expanded significantly through the 2000s. The roots of ‘New Wave of American Heavy Metal’ spread forth in the late 80s where bands from various subgenres of rock started experimenting with varied elements of sound. Many post grunge bands of the 90s experimented with a more brutal sound that formed the core element of nu-metal sound.

A number of post grunge bands came up with a brutal-edgy sound that borrowed from thrash metal and punk. Korn are among the pioneering Nu metal acts that used a diverse influence of sounds from various rock genres. Heavy Metal has been evolving ever since it sprung to life in the 60s and over the years a number of Heavy Metal subgenres that borrow from traditional metal have come into being. In the days ahead the American heavy metal scene is going to get bigger. Long live Heavy Metal.

The list below includes bands from various metal


100 Greatest American Heavy Metal Bands

  1. Pentagram
  2. Metallica
  3. Pantera
  4. Mushroomhead
  5. Manowar
  6. Dio
  7. Blue Cheer
  8. Blue Oyster Cult
  9. Iced Earth
  10. Steppenwolf
  11. Disturbed
  12. Slipknot
  13. Metal Church
  14. Queensryche
  15. Slayer
  16. Kiss
  17. T.T. Quick
  18. Death
  19. Black Label Society
  20. Megadeth
  21. Avenged Sevenfold
  22. Lamb Of God
  23. Dream Theater
  24. Iron Butterfly
  25. Baroness
  26. Mudvayne
  27. Y&T
  28. Killswitch Engage
  29. Shadows Fall
  30. Typo O Negative
  31. Down
  32. Morbid Angel
  33. Jag Panzer
  34. Alice Cooper
  35. God Forbid
  36. Testament
  37. Savatage
  38. Obituary
  39. Fear Factory
  40. Anthrax
  41. Unearth
  42. Van Halen
  43. Quiet Riot
  44. Guns N’ Roses
  45. Exodus
  46. Twisted Sister
  47. Chimaira
  48. Trivium
  49. System of A Down
  50. As I lay Dying
  51. Sir Lord Baltimore
  52. Machine Head
  53. Coal Chamber
  54. Saint Vitus
  55. Virgin Steele
  56. Hatebreed
  57. Soulfly
  58. Limp Bizkit
  59. Biohazard
  60. Starz
  61. Sevendust
  62. Five Finger Death Punch
  63. W.A.S.P.
  64. Trouble
  65. Linkin Park
  66. Legs Diamond
  67. Byzantine
  68. Saint
  69. Mastodon
  70. Danzig
  71. Symphony X
  72. Kyng
  73. Black Death
  74. Skid Row
  75. At The Gates
  76. Riot
  77. Cannibal Corpse
  78. Leatherwolf
  79. 36  Crazyfists
  80. Montrose
  81. Corrosion of Conformity
  82. Tool
  83. Dark Angel
  84. Bloodrock
  85. Static-X
  86. Crimson Glory
  87. Six Feet Under
  88. Bitch
  89. Neurosis
  90. Dokken
  91. Manilla Road
  92. Fates Warning
  93. Wrathchild America
  94. Darkest Hour
  95. Motley Crue
  96. Byzantine
  97. Possessed
  98. Death Angel
  99. All That Remains
  100. Becoming the Archetype

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