100 Most Influential Rock Bands And Heavy Metal Bands

Since rock music came into being many bands in the rock genre have had a significant influence on listeners and emerging bands. This article is a showcase of the most influential rock bands.

Rock music is one of the most popular genres in music. It’s the signature sound in rock music that makes the genre hugely popular globally. Since early days, rock bands have had a powerful impact on audiences. The hard hitting sound of rock music is hugely popular globally. While many bands have showcased their brand of rock music, only few among the many have had a considerable influence on bands from various rock genres. An influential band is one that influences, inspires, and captivates people from all walks of life with their music.

The roots of rock emerged in the late

50s, and through the 60s many rock bands emerged with a blues rock sound. The improvisational structure changed dramatically in the 70s with many rock bands adopting lengthy jam sessions in their compositions. Free-flow improvisational music emerged in the realms of rock music with stinging venom in the 60s during practice sessions of bands. Jazz and blues phrasing influenced many rock musicians who paved the way for rock improvisation. This improvisational structure format became insanely popular throughout the 70s. Progressive rock bands and art rock bands took improvisational elements to another level with their lengthy musical passages and complex musical structure. Few rock bands of the 60s and 70s paved the way for new rock genres to emerge. Heavy Metal took shape in the 60s and by the 70s numerous bands emerged with their brand of metal. While few music purists and music critics slammed the heavy metal sound when it emerged, the heavy metal genre has gone on to become the most popular genres of rock. The hard rock and hair metal scene came forth with stinging venom in the 80s, however, slowly faded in the 90s with the emergence of grunge and alternative.

The alternative and grunge movement became exceedingly popular in the 90s and fuelled the fire for many indie rock bands. The 90s rock music scene led to many underground rock movements that had a cult following. Many indie rock bands started the trend of releasing their music albums independently and since then numerous new bands have followed in same vein. The sound in many rock genres has evolved thereby helping branch new sub-genres.

The modern rock sound unfolded theatrically in the year 2000, and since then the sound has evolved giving rise to new genres and sounds in the realms of rock. While rock music has been hugely popular in the U.S. and Europe, over the years the rock movement has become insanely popular in Asia and the Middle East. Since early days, rock bands have been influential in starting new musical movements that have become an integral part of rock music.

The list below showcases the most influential bands in rock history

100 Most Influential Rock Bands and Heavy Metal Bands

  1. The Beatles (Rock)
  2. Led Zeppelin(Rock)
  3. Black Sabbath (Rock/Heavy Metal)
  4. Metallica (Heavy Metal/Rock/Thrash Metal)
  5. Deep Purple (Heavy Metal/Rock)
  6. Nirvana (Rock/Alternative/Grunge)
  7. Yes (Progressive Rock)
  8. Iron Maiden (Heavy Metal/Rock)
  9. Steely Dan (Rock/Jazz Rock)
  10. Rush (Progressive Rock)
  11. Pink Floyd (Psychedelic Rock/Rock)
  12. The Rolling Stones (Rock)
  13. Red Hot Chili Peppers (Funk Rock.Rock)
  14. Kiss (Rock)
  15. Guns N’ Roses (Hard Rock/Rock/Glam Metal)
  16. The Doors (Rock)
  17. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Blues Rock/Rock)
  18. Radiohead (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  19. AC/DC- (Rock/Hard Rock)
  20. Queen (Rock)
  21. Judas Priest (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Rock)
  22. R.E.M. (Rock)
  23. U2 (Rock)
  24. Aerosmith (Rock)
  25. The Who (Rock)
  26. Korn (Nu Metal)
  27. Grateful Dead (Rock Band)
  28. Van Halen (Rock)
  29. Dire Straits (Rock)
  30. Meshuggah (Extreme Metal/Heavy Metal)
  31. Linkin Park (Rock/Nu Metal)
  32. Green Day (Punk
  33. Slipknot (Heavy Metal)
  34. Pearl Jam (Alternative Rock/Grunge/Rock)
  35. The Velvet Underground (Rock)
  36. Megadeth (Thrash Metal)
  37. Alice In Chains (Grunge/Alternative Metal)
  38. Motorhead (Rock/Heavy Metal)
  39. Scorpions (Rock)
  40. The Eagles (Rock)
  41. Pantera (Heavy Metal)
  42. Sex Pistols (Punk Rock)
  43. Rage Against The Machine (Alternative Metal/Rap Metal)
  44. Death (Death Metal)
  45. Slayer (Thrash Metal)
  46. The Kinks (Rock)
  47. Lamb of God (Heavy Metal)
  48. Def Leppard (Rock)
  49. Sepultura (Heavy Metal/Groove Metal/Thrash Metal)
  50. Avenged Sevenfold (Heavy Metal)
  51. Lynyrd Skynyrd (Rock/Southern Rock)
  52. Mastodon (Heavy Metal)
  53. Dream Theater (Progressive Metal/ Progressive Rock)
  54. Creedence Clearwater Revival (Rock/Swamp Rock)
  55. King Diamond (Heavy Metal)
  56. Jethro Tull (Rock)
  57. Amon Amarth (Melodic Death Metal)
  58. The Police (Rock)
  59. Rainbow (Rock)
  60. Opeth (Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock/Black Metal)
  61. The Allman Brothers Band (Rock/Southern Rock)
  62. Kreator (Thrash Metal)
  63. Bon Jovi (Rock)
  64. Journey (Rock)
  65. Steppenwolf (Rock)
  66. Genesis (Rock)
  67. Children of Bodom (Melodic Death Metal)
  68. Symphony X (Progressive Metal)
  69. Dio- (Rock)
  70. Ramones (Punk Rock)
  71. Tool (Progressive Metal)
  72. ZZ Top (Rock/Blues Rock)
  73. Traffic (Rock/Blues Rock)
  74. Kansas (Rock)
  75. Thin Lizzy (Rock)
  76. Whitesnake (Rock)
  77. King Crimson (Progressive Rock/Rock)
  78. Blue Oyster Cult (Rock)
  79. UFO (Rock)
  80. Doobie Brothers (Rock/Blue Eyed Soul/Country Rock)
  81. Queensryche (Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock)
  82. Foreigner (Rock)
  83. Nine Inch Nails (Rock/Industrial Rock)
  84. Dave Matthews Band (Rock)
  85. Soundgarden (Grunge/Heavy Metal)
  86. Toto (Rock)
  87. The Mothers of Invention (Rock/Experimental Rock)
  88. Cheap Trick (Rock)
  89. Supertramp (Rock)
  90. Fleetwood Mac (Rock)
  91. Arctic Monkeys (Rock)
  92. Oasis (Rock)
  93. Uriah Heep (Rock)
  94. The Guess Who (Rock)
  95. R.E.M. (Rock)
  96. Bad Company (Rock)
  97. 38 Special (Rock/Southern Rock)
  98. Porcupine Tree (Progressive Rock)
  99. Coldplay (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  100. The Killers (Rock)

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