100 Things Women Hate About Men

Certain things about men women absolutely hate, which is quite a lot. Hate is a strong word; however the fact that hate does exist unseen at various levels emphasizes on the larger picture. This article brings to life the truth about things women hate about men.

‘I absolutely hate it when’… this line is an age old story with women often used in reference to context with men when they do certain things that are disliked or annoying. Most women like to see their husband/boyfriend in the realms of perfection. Men know it’s a tough task keeping up to expectations of being perfect. Every man strives to achieve in some way that impresses his wife/girlfriend. However, not all women look at things from a man’s perspective.

Women often tell their man…”You have to look at it from my perspective”. When a man hears this line… his facial

expressions change, as he nods his head. Men seldom utter this line because their world can rapidly change if the line is uttered carelessly. Certain things about men annoy women a great deal. Most of the things women hate about men is associated with habituated tendencies.

Men realize their wife/girlfriend finds certain aspects annoying only when they are bluntly told about it. Despite being told by their woman… not many men are able to mend their ways. It’s not easy to unlearn and get rid of bad habits…and men know that well. Women hate it when men continue with their barrage of annoying habits. In her heart every woman wants to see her man change in accordance with what she perceives right, however the truth is it seldom becomes reality. What are the things women absolutely hate about men? The annoying truth lies in the lines below.

100 Things Women Hate about Men


  1. Men pick their nose as they talk.
  2. Her man makes plans with his guy friends over the phone about going to the games and later having beer.
  3. Men eat with their mouths wide open… it reminds women of the movie Jaws.
  4. Long strands of hair jet out of a man’s ears.
  5. When a woman tells a man about the pain she is experiencing after her periods, and her man nods his head as he sits on the couch watching ‘Big Bang Theory’
  6. Her man suddenly gets into the ‘fitness thing’ and sips protein shakes all the time.
  7. Her boyfriend is unable to say ‘No’ to his boss about working on the weekend.
  8. Her man continues wearing underpants with holes.
  9. Men grow their fingernails.
  10. A man’s breath stinks.
  11. Men sit spreading their legs wide apart… for some lame reason it reminds them of ‘Jaws’ again.
  12. Her boyfriend answers back long text messages in monosyllables.
  13. Her husband is willing to work on the weekend after getting to know Mother-in-Law is arriving.
  14. Her man is in front of the mirror squeezing out a blackhead.
  15. A man blinks faster than the speed of light.
  16. Her boyfriend eats more popcorn than her at the movies.
  17. A man gargles his drink and laughs.
  18. Men make that revving sound as they bring up phlegm.
  19. A man complains about the food cooked.
  20. Men swear all the time.
  21. Men try hard to catch a gaze by staring.
  22. A man explains to her the importance of saving, and splurges on gadgets he likes.
  23. Men nod their heads without saying a word during a conversation.
  24. A man casually plucks out a white hair off her head and laughs.  
  25. Her man lies.
  26. A man does not put his plate in the dishwasher and leaves it in the sink.
  27. Her man gets over-obsessive whenever she is with her male colleagues.
  28. Men belch after a big gulp of beer.
  29. Her man says he loves the dish… pauses… and then announces his mom prepares the same dish with few more ingredients that take the dish to another level.
  30. Men lick the gravy off their plate at a restaurant until its sparkling white.
  31. Sex becomes a 3 minute activity.
  32. A man makes you wet as he sneezes and doesn’t realize it.
  33. A man spits.
  34. A man pretends to listen.
  35. Men take quick glances at their cleavage as they sip their drink during a conversation at a party.
  36. A man is disrespectful towards elders.
  37. Her man spends more time than her in front of the mirror.
  38. Her man gets engrossed again with a video game he has played over zillion times.
  39. A man uses chewing gum as insulation for wires.
  40. Men do not live up to the promises they make.
  41. Men tell their secrets to others.
  42. Her husband/boyfriend throws tantrums on weekends.
  43. A man makes sexist remarks.
  44. Guys get into a fist fight over a stupid reason.
  45. A man yawns often during a conversation.
  46. Men look at their smartphone and then say ‘You were saying something’.
  47. Her husband/boyfriend comes up with lame excuses when she tells him ‘Let’s go shopping’
  48. Her boyfriend is not ready to take a decision in regard with marriage.
  49. A man behaves differently in front of his friends.
  50. A man has hair bravely peeping out of his armpits and screaming for attention.
  51. A man finishes his ice cream in less than 20 seconds.
  52. Men cannot make up their mind on what to have at a restaurant and end up saying ’anything for me’
  53. Her man is indecisive.
  54. Men make a noise as they drag their feet and walk.
  55. Men loathe and comment on a woman’s appearance.
  56. Her man behaves rudely.
  57. A man talks about his ex girlfriend with glee on his face.
  58. Her man takes her to an office party and leaves her
    standing alone as he talks with his colleagues.
  59. Her man is not connected emotionally.
  60. Her husband/boyfriend invites his guy friends over to watch a game of football on TV.
  61. Her man prefers to watch a game of soccer over sex.
  62. Men take credit for things done… that someone else deserves. 
  63. Her man does not plan about their future.
  64. Men do not admit it was their fault.
  65. Men have an opinion on every little thing.
  66. Her husband/boyfriend takes her for granted.
  67. Her husband/boyfriend distracts her when she is watching her favorite show on TV.
  68. Men become talking parrots after few drinks.
  69. Men compare women.
  70. Her husband/boyfriend calls her over-emotional.
  71. Her husband/boyfriend is insensitive in certain aspects of their relationship.      
  72. Men wear tight leather trousers for the first time and feel confident about wearing it to the party.
  73. Her husband/boyfriend says the dress she purchased is too expensive.
  74. Her husband/boyfriend removes the food particles stuck in his teeth after a meal… and then bites those fine food particles before swallowing.
  75. Her husband/boyfriend is constantly attending calls from his workplace while on vacation.
  76. Men play the blame game.
  77. Her husband/boyfriend asks her to keep his man accessories in her handbag.
  78. She learns the dress he picked her was from the neighborhood flea market.
  79. A man spends long hours on a weekend with his dog.
  80. A man talks about his mother on a date.
  81. She says “I’m Pregnant” and Mr. Perfect goes…ooooh Wow!
  82. Her husband/boyfriend goes on and on about what happened at the workplace.
  83. A man asks… Do you need everything you carry in your purse/handbag?
  84. Her man is snacking on fries and greasy burgers and advising her on weight loss.
  85. Men remove their socks and smell them.
  86. She asks her husband/boyfriend a question and he says… ‘Google it’.
  87. Men adjust their underwear in public places.
  88. Her husband is not able to make it for their child’s school concert.
  89. Her husband/boyfriend says ‘get dressed quickly’.
  90. A man puts his finger in his ear and violently gives himself a finger massage with his eyes closed.
  91. Men wear flip flops that make a squeaky noise while walking.
  92. Her boyfriend keeps her waiting for a long time at a restaurant.
  93. A man sits on a chair cross-legged and violently shakes his foot that’s dangling.
  94. Men put forth the question… ‘What took you so long?’
  95. Men sing songs of female singers in a baritone voice.
  96. Men keep their mouths open with the tongue popping out slightly during a conversation on an intellectual topic.
  97. Her husband quotes Mother-in-Law and grins sheepishly.
  98. Her husband/boyfriend has a drink too many… and then tries to showcase his best dance moves as the music plays at the party.
  99. Men are lazy on weekends.
  100. Her man says ‘We’ll talk about it later”

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