100 Years From Now Facebook Will Have Over 500 Million Accounts Of Dead People

The number of dead people’s profiles on social networking sites is shockingly high. At present, in excess of 30 million dead person’s profiles are on Facebook. 100 years from now Facebook will have over 500 million accounts of dead people.

What happens when to an individual’s account on a social networking site when he/she dies? Is a dead persons profile removed from Facebook? Can a dead person’s account be accessed on Facebook?

Jed Brubaker, a PHD candidate in Informatics Department at University of California-Irvine specializing in human centered computing, social media and digital identity has through his research offered a

detailed perspective on various aspects of deceased user profiles on social networks in his work. To get in-depth information about what happens to a deceased user’s account make sure you visit www.jedbrubaker.com/

Memorializing an account- What does it mean?

Facebook’s current policy is memorializing deceased user accounts on the site as and when reported. Memorializing an account of an individual that’s passed away ensures only confirmed friends and family can view profile of deceased. In actuality although profile of deceased is locked, memorialized accounts lie forever on

Facebook unless family members of the deceased request that the account be removed or taken down. It’s hard to fathom the number of dead people’s accounts on Facebook in the future. Currently in excess of 30 million dead person’s profiles are on Facebook. Social media experts believe 100 years from now Facebook will have over 500 million accounts of dead people. The idea of Memorialized accounts on Facebook was to ensure close family and friends can pay their respect and cherish beautiful memories of the individual that has passed away by seeing the profile or locating profile in a search. Memorializing an account prevents users from logging in, while enabling family and close friends to share posts on the profile wall of the deceased.


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