13 Foods That Increase Sex Drive

Stress can take away all the joy that prevails in a healthy sex life. To keep the sexual spark ignited the choice of food in your diet is important. There are certain foods that stimulate sexual desire. These foods are believed to have natural aphrodisiac properties that can provide the needed zing thing in your sex life. This segment focuses of foods that increase sex drive naturally.

There are numerous theories in regard with certain foods believed to have properties that arouse sexual desire. While one school of thought that dismisses the fact that certain foods boost sex drive naturally, the

other does believe intake of specific foods during certain times of the day act as power boosters for libido. While the debate goes on, the fact remains that specific foods are able to reduce levels of stress. In doing so, they increase blood flow and are able to affect neurotransmission activity in a positive way thereby boosting sex drive the natural way. The word aphrodisiac refers to a substance, food or drink that has the ability to awaken or increase sexual desire. Medical science has taken a giant leap and it shows in the number of medications available for boosting sex drive, but none compare to natural foots foods to up the tempo. The lines below discuss foods that are known to arouse you sexually, trigger sexual urge, and boost your sex drive naturally.

Foods that increase Sex Drive

1. Watermelon

This luscious watermelon is considered by many health experts as an effective fruit that has similar effects that Viagra has on the body. Needless to say this fruit is referred to as ‘Natural Viagra’. The presence of citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon dilates blood vessels and helps body and mind relax. While it boosts sex drive naturally, intake of Watermelon is also essential for healthy cardiovascular activity. 1/2 cup of watermelon contains 150 mg citrulline. If you want that enhanced drive in your sexual endeavors make sure you and your partner snack on watermelon.

2. Chilies

If you have not yet included chilies in your diet, its time you start soon. Chilies generate natural heat in your body that trigger feel-good responses and give you a natural high. Capsaicin present in chilies delivers that hot/pungent flavor. This plant component is known to increase libido. Capsaicin releases chemicals that are increase heart rate due to enhanced blood flow. Release of endorphins gives an exhilarating feeling that promotes sexual desire. You can use a generous sprinkle of chilies or chili peppers in soups, stir fry dishes and salads. If you develop a taste for chili, the sex gets better.

3. Asparagus

This vegetable is a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition. The presence of folate in Asparagus helps in histamine production. Consumption of this vegetable in regular diet enhances genitourinary system circulation, and this change leads to sexual arousal and sexual desire.

4. Garlic
Passionate smooching may not be a wise idea after consuming food loaded with garlic. However, garlic should be an essential commodity in your regular diet since it has the ability to ignite sexual desire. This is because of allicin, an organosulfur compound that helps increase blood flow to various sexual organs of the body. If raw garlic is not your cup of tea, use garlic paste in various recipes, its healthy and adds distinctive flavor. You can also pick up garlic pickles available at supermarkets.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

Most people that use pumpkin in various recipes throw away seeds. Pumpkin seeds taste delicious when roasted. Seeds of pumpkin are rich in vitamins and minerals. High zinc levels present in these seeds are important for healthy sperm production. Furthermore the vitamins and minerals present in pumpkin seeds are excellent for libido and also minimize the risk of testosterone deficiency significantly.

6. Figs

Figs have been consumed since ancient times and are linked with foods associated with healthy fertility in many cultures. In ancient Rome, figs were valued and given as gifts to pregnant women and married couples. If you are eager to give your sexual drive a boost, make sure you dig into these regularly. While being a natural aphrodisiac, figs are also packed with minerals and vitamins that promote cardiovascular health.

7. Avocado
Avocado is a fruit that is considered as a natural

aphrodisiac in many cultures. In ancient Aztec culture this fruit was named ‘ahuacuati’ which translates in to being ‘testicle tree’. One look at a freshly cut avocado and you know what the ancient Aztec’s were thinking. It definitely is a fruit that sets thoughts racing towards one thing…sex.

8. Chocolate/Cocoa

‘A lot can happen over coffee’. Well, try chocolates. The sinful color of chocolates is enough to get you at your naughtiest best. Cacao bean brings chocolate to life. Processed form of this bean is called cocoa. In its unadulterated form, cocoa is a superfood that towers over the rest. The feeling of excitement and stimulation when you take a bite of chocolate is because of phenylethylamine, a chemical present in cocoa. You can eat a small piece of chocolate daily, it’s healthy.

9. Pomegranate
Pomegranate seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins and are eaten in many cultures because of its ability to enhance sex drive. According to studies, regular consumption Pomegranate juice is known to increase testosterone levels. When testosterone levels are high it reduces stress and increases sexual urge. Pomegranate seeds improve blood flow and are recommended for individuals with high blood pressure.

10. Oysters
Though oysters seem an odd choice before having sex, they boost sex drive tremendously. This potent ‘viagra in a shell’ strengthens muscles and has a sensory impact that assists in brain stimulation naturally. When the mind is willing, sexual urges reach another level. Oysters have a high presence of zinc which is essential for healthy sperm development. Oysters in moderation increase sex drive miraculously.

11. Celery
Celery, it’s not something you would associate as a power booster for increase in sex drive. However, this crunchy green aromatic vegetable has nutrients that are essential for enhanced sexual pleasure. This veggie contains androsterone, a chemical which induces sexual desire when ingested. If vegetable smoothies are not your thing, include celery in your regular diet. You can use this green veggie in soups and salads.

12. Honey

One of the most popular ingredients in love-making history, honey in its raw organic form is rich in B vitamins. Honey is an essential food for erotic sexual desire. Organic honey plays a vital role in testosterone production. Also boron, a chemical element present in honey plays a key role in production of estrogen which plays a huge part in female sex drive.

13. Banana
Well, the thought of this fruit is enough to start a burning sexual desire among women. Contrary to the fact that this fruit does evoke the most sinful thought in women, banana is indeed a powerhouse when it comes to sex. Bananas are an excellent source of B vitamins which increase energy levels. When your energy levels are high you become a go-getter, no matter what. Bromelain an enzyme present in banana increases libido in men. So, if you see your man gulping down bananas don’t be surprised, get excited.

Though the medical fraternity and scientists do not approve of various theories that certain foods- aphrodisiacs do contain ingredients that miraculously stimulate sexual desire, increase sex drive, or increase libido, many do agree that specific foods do kick start chemical reactions that leads to arousal sexually and emotionally. Medical experts are of the opinion that quick blood flow and heart racing at a faster rate attributes itself to psychological reactions rather than food induced reactions. If you believe a particular food does wonders to your sex drive, trust yourself, it will. Keep in mind your brain is the most powerful organ that begins and ends all things related to libido, sexual desire and arousal, use it wisely.

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