13 Stupid Things Couples Argue And Fight About

Irrelevant things can spark a war of words that may dent a relationship. Here’s a detailed perspective of ridiculously stupid things couples argue and fight about.

Sometimes hell breaks loose in a couple’s life. When this happens it’s wise to talk amicably and resolve things. Every couple in this world has their share of arguments and fights. When two opinionated individuals engage in a casual conversation there is a strong chance of their conversation turning into an argument.

It’s definitely okay to have a little argument or fight over an issue you feel strongly about. However, there are no excuses when arguments or fights stem from a ridiculously stupid reason. Strange as it may seem… a large number of couples fight and argue over silly things. Most

couples that fight over a stupid thing fathom the ridiculousness of the issue late…sometimes when it’s too late.

While some arguments make a relationship stronger, its arguments that stem from silly issues that cause damage in a relationship. Do not let silly issues ruin your relationship. Instead, be accommodative and brush aside all irrelevant things in life, it’s easier said than done, however, if you habituate and discipline yourself nothing is impossible. What are those dreaded stupid things couples fight and argue about? Read on to find out…

13 Stupid Things Couples Argue and Fight About

  1. Advice on Cooking- When a woman is cooking something special for you make sure you do not give her tips or advice on the recipe, if you do… be ready to face the consequences. Women invariably get into argumentative mode when a man expresses his thoughts on a recipe she is trying out.
  2. The type of music being played- Sometimes couples break into an argument over the type of music played. Dude wants to play his rock anthems while Miss Daisy wants to listen to mellow jazz. And then…it all unfolds.
  3. I like it clean shaven- A man likes to grow that ultra- thick stubble every now and then. When wife/girlfriend asks Mr. Perfect to shave clean…it can lead to an argument.
  4. Leaving the light on- If you see the light left on…it’s wise to switch it off instead of reminding your partner about leaving the light on. Stupid as it may seem… many couples argue and end up fighting over a light left switched on.
  5. Tickle Torture- While tickling may seem a relatively harmless activity most couples indulge in, the truth is guys do not know where to stop…and so what starts as a playful touch turns into a nightmarish verbal war of words.
  6. The ‘You Always’ Effect- When an individual brings in ‘you always’ while trying to make a point the battle begins. Except no mercy! It’s stupid… but yeah the words ‘you always’ ruin everything.
  7. When the chocolate goes missing- It’s a known fact that women love chocolates. Furthermore, not many women like to share their chocolates. Men do not fancy chocolates much; however, when they stumble upon a chocolate at home, they casually rip open the wrapper and eat… without realizing the consequences. Indeed, women wage a
    war if their chocolates go missing.
  8. It’s your turn to feed the dog- Sometimes couples that have a dog at home may have an argument over who needs to feed the dog…and why?
  9. The TV remote war- Many times couples break into an argument over what to watch on TV. Instead of fighting over the remote, it makes sense to buy another television set.
  10. I like it in a mess- Most guys are not sticklers for perfection, sadly most women are. Guys are used to messy rooms, and so when wife/girlfriend tidies their mess and arranges the items in their space in a poetic manner… dude… is taken aback. Instead of showering words of praise for arranging his space… he blurts out… “What have you done?” these words are enough to start a fight.
  11. When the sheets are not properly tucked- If you observe closely… the side of the bed where a woman sleeps is always neat and tidy. The side of the bed where a man sleeps reminds you of nightmarish dorm room beds…everything is hanging out…the sheets lie crumpled, and the pillow looks like stuff from the Old Testament. Yeah, women get into arguments with men when the latter leaves his sheets unfolded, untucked or untidy. It’s a stupid reason to fight and argue…but it happens with couples all the time.
  12. When a hanger is borrowed without permission- Every now and then guys have the tendency of taking a hanger from their wife’s cupboard. You cannot put up all your clothes on hangers. And so, when a guy does not find a hanger for his formal shirt, he goes to his wife/girlfriend’s cupboard and gets himself one. When wife/girlfriend sees her designer dress lying abandoned in a corner… off the hanger… the fight begins.
  13. Who will do the chores- Many couples fight and argue over who’s to do the chores. Most times the argument is about the dishes in the house. Yeah, dishes can ruin a relationship. Get real…get a dishwasher and simplify life.

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    Hi realityspeaks, I really love the part that stress on remote war, it very funny to find couple fighting on unnecessary matter like these ...I would say that all those fight makes the relationship stronger and interesting.
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