15 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions We Fail To Keep

The New Year brings hope about all good things that lie ahead. In quiet confines of our mind we evoke the brave heart that wanders aimlessly and take a decision, a resolution that seems unachievable, but not impossible. While few treacherously battle temptation and urge, most of us find the easy way out and succumb to that old-self. Here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions we fail to keep.

Thoughts can play havoc with resolutions you make for the year ahead. You take a decision, and the battle against time begins. While few emerge victorious, a large population succumbs to an

opening that’s easy…’I want out’. What are the most common New Year’s resolutions we fail to keep?  Read on…

1. I will give up alcohol- After staying clear for a week; the strain begins to take its toll. You convince yourself one peg would do no harm and jump straight in.

2. I will quit smoking- This killer is hard to let go. Tense moments or a joyous occasion is all it takes to get back to the smoke stick.

3. I will stop telling lies- If you are a compulsive liar, this is a New Year’s resolution you shouldn’t make, why lie to yourself.

4. I will not use Foul language/Bad words- If you’re the kind of person that starts and ends the day with words elders dread to hear, God help you, you have a task at hand.

5. I will not Gossip- A large number of women make this resolution and fail to miserably. 

6. I will keep away from Pornography- Individuals that are addicted to pornography make this New Year resolution. Addiction to visual pleasures of the flesh can be a problem, but it has a solution.

7. I will keep my Temper in control- For persons that fly into a rage over trivial matters this resolution is hard work. If you have a short temper or anger issues sticking to this decision can drive you nuts.

8. I will stop suspecting my Husband/Boyfriend- The suspecting woman makes this resolution every year. This resolution is made by women

whose husbands/boyfriends have several female colleagues at work.

9. I will stop suspecting my Wife/Girlfriend- Possessive husbands and boyfriends make this New Year’s resolution. These guys begin to dig deep without reason; too bad they end up digging their own grave.

10. I will spend less time with Gadgets- Young children, teens, and young adults have a torrid time pulling off this one. This New Year resolution brings a smile on every Mom’s face; however, it is short-lived.

11. I will exercise more regularly- Lazy individuals make this resolution and find convincible excuses to keep away.

12. I will cut down my intake of sweets- Persons who stuff themselves with sweets make this New Year’s resolution. Most regret their decision made and slyly dig into temptation and feel guilty.

13. I will reduce my hours spent on Social Networks- Lovers of the virtual world take this decision…lol…!

14. I will not spend money on unwanted commodities- A number of persons, largely women who go on a shopping spree and end up buying stuff they do not require make this resolution. Get real!

15. I will spend more time with Family- Individuals with hectic work schedules take this decision, however it turns out to be the same drab.

What is your resolution this year? Here’s hoping you stick to your New Year’s Resolution!

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