2012 Mobile Phone Throwing Contest: 18 Year Old Winner Ere Karjalainen Throws Mobile Phone A Record Breaking 101.46 Meters

At the 2012 Mobile Phone Throwing contest in Finland 18 year old winner Ere Karjalainen threw his mobile phone at a distance of 101.46 meters to set a new world record.

An event where people from different walks of life come together, make merry, and throw their mobile phones is a pretty sight, especially if you dislike gadgets. If the question on your mind is do such people exist, yes, they do in Finland. Since year 2000, the town of Savonlinna has held the mobile phone throwing contest, an annual event where contestants can take part in various categories to

throw their mobile phones. Considering Finland is home to numerous outdated Nokia handsets it’s not surprising why several enthusiasts, both young and old toss their mobiles to death.

In the 2012 mobile throwing contest, 18 year old winner Ere Karjalainen set a world record throwing his mobile phone at a distance of 101.46 meters. In an interview, this dude attributed the success of his throwing ability to beer. Cheers! South Africa’s Jeremy Gallop came in second hurling

his mobile phone 94.67 meters.

The mobile throwing contest according to organizers is held to raise awareness about recycling and at the same time help individuals give vent to frustration and anger. Anybody that is fit to throw can participate in this event. If you fancy your chance you can take part in the mobile throwing contest next year. And, you don’t have to worry about passing a dope test because there isn’t one. Individuals can take part in three categories, over the shoulder style, freestyle category (aesthetics /creativity) and junior category-for children under the age of 12. Experience the pleasure of crash landing mobile phones, throw one today! The same goes for laptops, tablets, or any other gadgets.

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