5 Perfect Ways To Accomplish The Perfect Breakup Plan

So you’ve realized your relationship is going nowhere and finally decided to breakup with your girlfriend. Trouble is she is stuck on you and you just can’t say the words and escape. There’s a sane solution many may consider insane for that perfect breakup plan, truth is it works. Actions speak louder than words. Here are 5 perfect ways to accomplish the perfect breakup plan.

Wise men know it’s not easy to get off the hook which is why they remain single and are always ready for the next bird. Keeping wise men aside, it’s usually men that get into a relationship, and its women that seal and cement the exit points. Even if a guy knows the relationship is headed nowhere, there’s not much he can do in terms of explaining…why? The girl on the other hand is always hoping the relationship will head somewhere, no matter what.

In this scenario, guys either run away without warning or come up with the lamest reasons for

a breakup. If you want to put an end to the relationship with your girlfriend without causing her much grievance or hurting her, let her do what you plan on doing…Make her dump you instead of you dumping her, it’s a win-win situation. It turns out somewhat like this. You become the free bird, and she’s believes that the bird she just drove away wasn’t Mr Right, so no guilt attached. Now, the questions! How do you accomplish this plan? How do you get her to dump you? Here’s how!

1. Start gifting her imitations

Women hate cheap gifts, especially if they are imitations. Hence, cheap gifts are ideal in a breakup plan. Take for example lingerie. If your girlfriend loves lingerie brands such as Prada, Chanel and so forth, its time you walk into a Chinese market and pick up the Chinese version of Victoria’s Secret… spelt Viktoria’s Seekret or Viktoerias Sicret. Gift wrap the secret. Keep in mind, wrapping paper at a Chinese market is more expensive than imitation lingerie. When your girlfriend opens the gift it may take her a while to recover from the horror. After she does, you will have Viktoria’s Seekret/Viktoerias Sicret hurled at your face, you won’t have time to duck. Gifting fakes or imitations can set you free. Break Free!

2. Get sloshed at parties

When you go to parties together, go on a rampage drinking. Even if you don’t drink or are a light drinker, make it look like you are sloshed, fake it. Blurt secrets about your girlfriend. Girls hate it when their boyfriends get drunk and turn into talking parrots. Furthermore, after the party, make it look like you are in no position to drive. Girls find it embarrassing when their boyfriends get drunk

and are not in a position to drive home after a party.

3. Pick your Nose when you’re with her

Women love a man with manners. So, it makes perfect sense to be a man without manners, that man your woman does not want you to be. Pick your nose whenever you are with her at a party or social event. Women hate to be seen with a man that picks his nose. Let her see you pick those hidden chunks of dry mucus and slyly wipe your finger clean on a tablecloth. Make it look like you are unaware of what you do. Nose diggers get dumped, yes they do.  Also, if you are accomplished at loud burping make sure you let out a few during every party or social event and grin sheepishly, it disgusts women.  

4. Let her catch you slyly gaping at your best friend’s cleavage

The moment your girlfriend catches you slyly gaping at another woman’s cleavage, all hell breaks loose. To drive your girlfriend raging mad make sure you make a habit of gaping at her best friend’s cleavage. Wear that wry smile of accomplishment. Give her the impression you are a serial cleavage gazer. You will be dumped in a jiffy.

5. Make fun of that person she loves dearly

During those meaningless conversations it a good idea to bring up that person she loves and make him/her the butt of all jokes. Women get angry when you poke fun at someone they adore and respect. If she’s Daddy’s girl, take her daddy to the gallows of sarcasm. If she is close to her Mother, take her mother to the lake of fire. The same goes for brother, sister or friend. Say sorry, and commit this mistake again and again. You have to blow her lid to make her dump you.

Caution is Key!

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