5 Things You Should Consider Doing When She Says No To Marriage

When you utter the words ‘marry me’ to the woman you love and get turned down, life can get perplexingly annoying. Here are 5 things you should consider doing when she says no to marriage.

Is there a right time to pop the question about marriage to the one you love? Each one of us acts on instinct. And so, when the feeling is right we invariably end up saying what’s in our hearts and mind. Marriage has got to be a mutual decision, and so if you are not ready for marriage its best to say ‘No’. When the girl you love says ‘No’ to marriage when you propose, it is quite an awkward situation. You hear a loud crumbling sound in your mind as a sheepish grin of disbelief comes onto your face.

You’re left open-mouthed wondering why?

The person you love will give you a detailed explanation about why the marriage proposal was turned down, but in all honesty, you won’t be listening. You’ll be asking yourself questions in your mind as your loved one is explaining why the marriage proposal was turned down. The moment will pass, and slowly but surely you will come back to the real world from the nightmarish experience of being turned down. Once you get back to the real world life will seem to move at a ridiculously slow pace. Here’s what you should consider doing when you propose and she says ‘No’ to marriage.

When She Says No To Marriage...

1. Pack your bags and go for a vacation…Alone

After she has said no to your marriage proposal, taking a vacation to a lazy old beach town or heading for the mountains is a good idea. A vacation helps relax and rejuvenate. When you are on vacation your thoughts are calm and the frequency of flashback of recent memories is minimized. You see things in fresh perspective after you get back from a vacation.

2. Spend time with friends

When the woman you love says ‘no’ to marriage, it’s instinctive to spend time bonding with guy friends. You’ll be surprised at the advice your guy friends give you when you sit at a table and have a couple of drinks. 98% of the advice friends give you when you sit at a table is gibberish, but the remaining 2% that comes from some sober or drunk friends does make perfect sense. Spending time with friends does bring in the light moments, and you need these moments when you’ve just been

turned down on your marriage proposal by your girlfriend.

3. Go on a gaming spree

Thank God for computer games and console games. When your girlfriend has said ‘no’ to marriage, you can seek refuge in games. Gaming is an activity that is known to stimulate brain cells. After all you’ve been through; your brain needs theatrical stimulation. Gaming not only changes your thought process, it also helps recharge your brain cells thereby ensuring you perceive things in an easy and relaxed manner.

4. Attend a Heavy Metal Concert

A great way to give vent to frustration after she says ‘no’ to marriage is… headbanging. Attend a heavy metal concert in your neighborhood with friends and headbang your sorrow away. You may have a stiff neck the next day, but the moments do help you realize there is a lot to the bigger picture than you perceive it to be. Moshing in the moshpit is quite an awakening. When you mosh in a moshpit to the brutal tunes of an extreme metal band, you’re too numb to realize what happened in your recent past, job done. On a serious note, yeah moshing does help when she says ‘no’ to marriage.

5. Get calm with Yoga

The best way to calm your thoughts after your girlfriend says ‘No’ to your marriage proposal is joining yoga classes. You will be surprised at the changes yoga brings into your life. Religiously practice yoga postures. When you do the right yoga postures you will experience negativity being substituted with positivity. The positive energy that comes with yoga makes complicated situations relatively simple. The mind’s eye changes with yoga. When your outlook is filled with positivity, every situation, no matter how complex has a way. Yoga definitely helps when the person you love says no to marriage.

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  • rubyhawk  09-10-2015

    Your suggestions make good sense for a jilted lover. There is no easy way. Time will cure all wounds is the saying. And I'm sure it's true.

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