50 Facts About Coffee Drinkers

Coffee is excessively popular globally. The number of coffee drinkers is rising, and in the years ahead one can expect the number of coffee flavors to increase. Coffee drinkers are a peculiar lot, so they say. This article brings to light 50 facts of about coffee drinkers.

There’s something about coffee that keeps you coming back for more. Many individuals have made coffee their habit, and in all honesty coffee drinkers are proud of their coffee habit. There are different times of the day people like to have their coffee. Some folks like their coffee in the morning, while the larger number love to have coffee in the evenings. There are many that love to keep sipping on coffee from morning till night, and there are those that love to have coffee during the midnight hour. Honestly, a coffee lover has his mug of coffee anytime. Well,

most coffee drinkers have coffee in a mug and not a cup. Furthermore, coffee is consumed in significantly large numbers at the workplace. Globally, employees at the workplace account for the largest consumers of coffee.

Also, at the work desk at work, individuals like to sit with their mug of coffee when they are at the computer. Employees that work from home also have a fair share of coffee when working on the computer. Individuals that love coffee also love to talk about coffee. One can say coffee drinkers are passionate individuals; however this theory may not apply to all coffee drinkers. Reading is associated with coffee. We come across individuals sitting at the table of a café and reading as they sip their coffee. Caffeine does give the mind wings, and perspective gets a new lease of life with consumption. Caffeine is known to awaken senses and that’s the reason why you are likely to experience a feeling of euphoria as you analyze or rationalize after consuming coffee.

Do coffee drinkers exhibit similar traits? The answer to this question is ‘yes’ Majority of coffee drinkers do share similar characteristic qualities. The lines below list characteristic facts about coffee drinkers.

50 Facts about Coffee Drinkers

  1. Coffee drinkers think more than non-coffee drinkers.
  2. Coffee drinkers are calm.
  3. Coffee drinkers love quiet conversations.
  4. Most coffee drinkers are introverts.
  5. Coffee drinkers are good listeners.
  6. Coffee drinkers are shrewd.
  7. Coffee drinkers prefer casual dressing over formal dressing.
  8. Coffee drinkers sleep late at night.
  9. Coffee drinkers are romantics.
  10. Coffee drinkers love to narrate their life experience to others.
  11. Coffee drinkers are not social media addicts.
  12. Coffee drinkers have a favorite coffee mug.
  13. Coffee drinkers do not consume lot of junk food.
  14. Coffee drinkers love to read.
  15. Coffee drinkers do not eat heavy meals.
  16. Coffee drinkers are physically active.
  17. Coffee drinkers love to
  18. Coffee drinkers are dreamers.
  19. Coffee drinkers are laidback.
  20. Coffee drinkers are moody.
  21. Coffee drinkers do not get overly excited.
  22. Coffee drinkers love to be in front of a computer.
  23. Coffee drinkers seldom watch TV.
  24. Most coffee drinkers flash a genuine smile.
  25. Coffee drinkers love to walk.
  26. Coffee drinkers are not gadget freaks.
  27. Coffee drinkers love the simple joys of life.
  28. Coffee drinkers do not like to party often.
  29. Coffee drinkers love to travel and explore new places.
  30. Coffee drinkers skip meals often.
  31. Coffee drinkers love playing board games.
  32. Coffee drinkers do not like to gamble.
  33. Coffee drinkers do not speak lies often.
  34. Coffee drinkers do not like to shop.
  35. Coffee drinkers love going to garage sales and flea markets.
  36. Coffee drinkers love all things traditional.
  37. Coffee drinkers eat less meat and more veggies.
  38. Majority of coffee drinkers do not fancy chocolates.
  39. Coffee drinkers like to lend.
  40. Coffee drinkers love gardening.
  41. A large number of coffee drinkers love wet weather.
  42. Coffee drinkers are not fashion conscious.
  43. Coffee drinkers are not selfie crazy.
  44. Coffee drinkers frown more often than smile.
  45. Majority of coffee drinkers make a slurping sound as the sip their coffee but do not realize they slurp.
  46. Many coffee drinkers love to send greeting cards to their loved ones.
  47. Majority of coffee drinkers are humble and down to earth.
  48. Coffee drinkers do not enjoy cooking and often eat out.
  49. Coffee drinkers love to ask questions and answer questions.
  50. Coffee drinkers love their homes clean and tidy.

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  • pogi253  05-06-2017
    I also love to drink coffee but it causes my acid reflux to attack.
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  • Sparkster  05-06-2017
    I do see links to most of these statements with coffee drinks but cannot agree with all of them. A year or two ago I actually stopped drinking coffee all together and I actually started to feel so much better, healthier, less tense, etc. Unfortunately (I don't know why) but I started drinking it again fairly recently. Started off one or two cups a day and that has now escalated.
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  • Bhargavi  02-11-2015


    WoW.   I am  a  coffee lover.   Most of the points are  applicable to me but some/few   are totally not related to me.

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