50 Things We Love To Do For Others During Christmas

Christmas is a season about sharing and giving. We may not go around helping and caring for people all year round, however when Christmas arrives, there seems to be a change in heart. Everybody does a little something for somebody during the festive season. Here’s a perspective on things we love to do for others during Christmas.

The Christmas spirit brings about a positive energy in us. It’s during this time friends and family come together. Indeed, we rattle out all the ‘hi’s and ‘hello’s’ on social networking sites throughout the year, however when Christmas is round the corner, we find ourselves meeting and greeting people in the real world. Christmas is a festive season that brings joy in our hearts. The warmth this festive season brings is like no other. When the holiday season arrives all the hate disappears and only love prevails. It’s the love and joy in our hearts that compels us to help

others. We love to do things for others with free will during Christmas. Every little thing we do impacts individuals in a big way during the holiday season. 

The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is a celebration of life, a victory over evil, and time forgiveness. People that are overburdened feel a weight on their shoulder is lifted because they are able to forgive people that have hurt them. Forgiving a person that has hurt you is never easy, however, during Christmas; it’s the joy of the spirit that enables us to forgive. All the grudges we may hold against others are forgotten and embalmed in the spirit of love. Yes, Christmas brings out the best in each one of us. The season is a life-transforming experience for people around the world.

We see acts of kindness throughout the year, however, during the Christmas season we see people going out of their way to help others. We may not have the money to help make a difference for the needy; however, what we all succeed at is bring back smiles on faces. We live in a world plagued with hectic lifestyles, and in all honesty it’s not quite baffling to come across a larger number of grim faces than smiling faces throughout the year. Christmas is one time of the year when smiles make a comeback. All the stress vanishes during the holiday season. We come across the highest number of smiling faces during Christmas, and that’s a victory considering the fact we face hectic schedules in a technological world.

Sharing and giving gain prominence when Christmas is round the corner. For many Christmas is the season of gifting, however, the essence of Christmas is sharing peace, love and joy with people. Every individual in this world commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ in their own special way through good acts and deeds. Christmas is a season that brings about a healing touch in relationships. Individuals that are dejected or broken-hearted find new hope during the festive season. It’s the joyful spirit of Christmas that brings about a change in heart. We find ourselves willing to do things for others we normally never consider doing. The Spirit of Christmas is beautiful... Do we allow the spirit of Christmas to dwell within us throughout the year…?

Mentioned below is a list of things we love to do for others during the holiday season


Things We Love To do for others during Christmas

  1. Forgive from the Heart
  2. Pay compliments to people you normally don’t
  3. Donate Money for the Needy
  4. Give away warm clothes to the needy
  5. Help a person in debt
  6. Talk to People in Old Age Homes
  7. Volunteer at Charitable Events
  8. Sponsor food for the needy
  9. Help Elders Cross the Road
  10. Teach or tutor the underprivileged
  11. Comfort people that are dejected
  12. Visit the sick at Hospitals
  13. Do a chore for someone in the neighborhood
  14. Offer to pay the bill at a restaurant
  15. Listen to people and advise people who are depressed and broken-hearted
  16. Give hope to people in despair
  17. Offer to help strangers
  18. Show appreciation
  19. Give a helping hand
  20. Talk to the lonely
  21. Bake cookies and cakes for neighbors
  22. Reach out to people
  23. Help a person give up a bad habit
  24. Stop our nagging ways
  25. Cheer Up People
  26. Share Chocolates
  27. Offer our seat to an elderly person
  28. Shovel our neighbor’s sidewalk when we shovel our sidewalk
  29. Leave positive comments on social networking sites and blogs
  30. Offer to babysit for free
  31. Give positive strokes and share optimism with negative people
  32. Give a glass of water or cold-drink to the courier guy, delivery guy or the handyman
  33. Tip more than you usually do
  34. Pray for people
  35. Offer a ride to someone in the neighborhood
  36. Give away our TV or other home appliance when we buy a new product
  37. Let someone else have their way by avoiding a argument or fight
  38. Give food to the homeless
  39. Mow the lawn of an aged neighbor  
  40. Let someone else hog the limelight
  41. Give gifts
  42. Patiently listen to what doesn’t interest you
  43. Offer to help somebody pack, unpack, or clean their home
  44. Talk or visit people you haven’t met in years
  45. Stand in queue to pay someone else’s bill
  46. Call aunts and uncles you’ve known during childhood share beautiful memories
  47. Play the role of a match-maker
  48. Hold the Door For open for a stranger
  49. Encourage with words
  50. Share our skills and talents with individuals that express interest

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