Apple Iphone 5 Is The Best Smartphone: Will The Next Generation Samsung Smartphone Ever Be Able To Compete With This Mother Of Smartphones

The manic frenzy Apple’s iPhone Five created before it was launched was unimaginable. The highly anticipated smartphone grabbed every inch of space on tech websites. Imagine what life has become after the iPhone 5 was unveiled recently by Phil Schiller. Is there anything out there that is remotely comparable with the Apples iPhone 5? Many believe Samsung’s next generation smartphone has what it takes to dethrone Apple’s iPhone. For now, iPhone Five reigns supreme. It’s the best-ever amongst the current breed of smartphones.

iPhone 5- The best smartphone ever?

In just 24 hours iPhone 5 has set record breaking preorders of over

2 million. Needless to say this smartphone has charmed tech enthusiasts like no other. The iPhone 5 has gone on sale in UK, US and several other countries, and clearly Apple fanboys are unable to conceal their excitement. What makes Apple iPhone 5 special? Why are tech geeks drooling over this Apple offering? Has iPhone 5 lived up to expectations? Questions come to the forefront whenever Apple unveils a product. iPhone 5 has a faster processor, a bigger screen and a new version of Apple’s iOS software. Yes, every technology enthusiast was expecting radical features on the latest offering. Apple however, has not gone over the edge with iPhone 5, and yet it is the best smartphone ever. Will there be a next generation Samsung smartphone that will be able to compete against iPhone 5?

iPhone 5-Smartphone Design

One cannot blame Apple, because radical changes in a smartphone can break momentum of sales if it upsets large a segment of fans. The company has played it safe. However saying that, iPhone 5 comes with several changes that have garnered significant attention. What has angered several iPhone enthusiasts is the port design layout on the handset. While the new dock connector does bring in its share of problems for old accessories, there is no denying it is compact, easier to use, and eliminates a wrong end (two sided). Every tech freak will agree that when it comes to aesthetics and design Apple takes top spot. The thought that has gone into designing iPhone 5 is neo-classical baroque influences, jaw-dropping. One look at the handset and you know this is the best smartphone design ever. One company that will keep a close watch on how things unfold for Apple’s iPhone 5 will be Samsung. Is Samsung going to stun Apple with a smartphone that will eat iPhone 5 sales? Wait and watch!

What does iPhone 5 have to offer?

Have Apple designers been able to raise the bar in design and style with iPhone 5. You Bet! The diamond polished sides on the slim iPhone 5 are stunning, flawless in every sense, and the smartphone does feel like a finely cut jewel in hand. This one has a larger 4 inch screen that is sharp, bright are highly responsive to touch. IPhone 5 is the true definition to touch response, astonishingly incomparable. Rear

camera on the handset comes with a significant upgrade improving picture quality and offering new panorama mode features. Improved hardware on iPhone Five makes it even more responsive than previous Apple handset offerings. The pre-installed apps have been redesigned in accordance with the new screen; it’s safe to say this one’s a slick layout. Apple is aware Samsung is preparing to launch its next generation smartphone. Will Samsung's upcoming smartphone be able to take on iPhone 5?

Will Apple have their way?

Before the launch of iPhone 5, news about Apple users switching to Android was gaining momentum. However soon after the Apple unveiled iPhone 5 opinions have changed. The handset is equipped with a smaller SIM care-Nanosim and as the handset goes on sale mobile operators have these in stock, so there shouldn’t be any hiccups and delays. iOS 6 brings Apple Maps eliminating Google’s Map Apps it used previously. Users will be disappointed to find Google’s You Tube as standard missing on the home screen of iPhone Five, blame the rift between Apple and Google for this. Also iOS 6 will be made available free as an update for iPad and iPhone. Is iPhone 5 the best smartphone ever? With Samsung all set to launch its next generation smartphone Apple’s reign in the smartphone segment may soon be over or maybe not! You Decide! Here are the Specs and features of Apple iPhone 5.

• Price: 64GB-$399, 32GB $299, 16GB $199

• Operating System: Apple iOS 6

• Internal Memory: 64GB, 32GB or 16GB

• Battery: Audio Playback 40 hours, Video Playback 10 hours, 8 hours on 3G/4G networks, 225 hours Standby Time

• Display: 1136x640 pixels

• Height: 4.87 inches (123.8mm)

• Depth: 0.30 inches (7.6mm)

• Width: 2.31 inches (58.6mm)

• Weight: 3.95 ounces (112 grams)

• Pixel Density: 326 per inch

• Services: Superfast mobile 4G, 3G, Internet Browser, Music player, Email

• Connector: 8 pin lighting connector, Power Sources, Docking Stations, Radios and other Devices. New Adaptor compatible with existing 30 pin Docking Stations.

• Preloaded Apps: Safari Internet Browser, Email, Video Editing, FaceTime Video Calls, Apple Maps replaces Google Maps that includes spoken directions. You Tube as standard given a miss.

• Camera: Fast Shutter Speed, compact, HD Front Camera, Panorama Function,

• Touchscreen: 4 inches

• Processor: A6

• Siri: Upgraded to enable spoken recommendations for restaurants or films. Facebook status can be updated with voice command.


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