Bad Habits: How To Get Rid Of Them

Good habits are a rarity. The number of bad habits a person has often exceeds good habits. True, bad habits die hard. Why do we fail to give up or get rid of bad habits? Hopefully, the lines to follow will be of help.

We find it easier to cultivate bad habits rather than good habits, why? Well, because good habits require discipline, bad habits don’t. Every person loves to have things easy. When it comes to matters such as mind control and discipline most people keep away from it rather that embrace it. It gets difficult to get rid

of bad habits at a later stage. If you want to give up bad habits or eliminate them, now is the right time.

Be aware of your bad habits

Before you realize it, you become slave to a habit. When this happens getting your life back together can be a nightmarish reality. Depending on its gravity, bad habits can affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We become slaves to a habit when we are not in control of will power and urge. Lack of control over subconscious behavior boosts habituated tendencies, which at a later stage are hard to eliminate. Most times we are not aware of the habits we possess. The best time to eliminate bad habits is immediately, now. Do not postpone your plans about getting rid of a bad habit.

/> Identify factors that promote the habit

The deeper you get into a habit the more difficult it gets to get out of that habit. Do not allow yourself to succumb to urge of the subconscious, overcome it. Keep in mind you cannot wake up one fine day and give up bad habits. It’s a slow process where you need to identify your subconscious patterns and consciously administer a change. It is difficult, and yes a person’s will power and determination plays a huge role in this process. Majority of people are not able to give up bad habits only subdue them. The first thing you should do is Identify factors that contribute towards the habit and trigger effects of habituated tendencies. Once you do this half the battle is won. The next step would be to take control of behavior pattern. Meditation helps significantly if you make up your mind to eliminate a bad habit. Dwell in the midst of nature; it helps in mind control which in turn helps break a habit.

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