Benefits Of Inner Healing

Pain and suffering is what every person goes through in life. When our world turns upside down, life seems difficult. Conflict within dries every bit of happiness there is. Is there a way to get rid of sadness, pain, heartache and turmoil we feel inside? The process of inner healing has several benefits that can open doors and bring about a remarkable change in a person’s life.

What is Inner Healing?

How we feel inside reflects in our personality. A person with turmoil within feels deflated and defeated in an encountered situation. Inner conflict leads to negativity. Inner healing is a process

that cleanses a person from inside. Through this process a person is able to get rid negative feelings, depressive thoughts, turmoil, pain, mental fatigue. Every religion speaks about the importance of inner healing for peace of mind. You can only dwell in peace if you free yourself from the past and don’t worry about the future. What has happened in your past should remain in the past, why carry it forward. Past, Present, Future, the choice we make determines how happy or sad we are. Cherish the moment, present times we face. When we have been designed by our creator not to know what the future has in store for us, why worry about what lies ahead. Levels of stress and hypertension are alarmingly high among individuals that dwell in their past and look into the future. Through inner healing a person is able to encounter situations in new light.

Attaining a renewed spirit with inner healing

A renewed spirit does wonders in a person’s life. With a renewed spirit a person can overcome every obstacle he/she encounters. When confidence builds within there’s nothing that is unachievable. Hatred, negativity, bitterness, sadness, sorrow, pain and suffering are wiped clean with inner transformation. The process of inner healing uproots negative emotion that resides within thereby allowing positive energy to flow. You will not feel positive energy flow if you have a negative attitude. Without belief nothing is possible, and it applies for inner healing as well. If you do not believe that healing within has the capacity to give you a renewed spirit, you will not feel the change. A peaceful feeling comes with meditation and prayer. Surrendering ourselves completely to our creator is of essential importance. It does not take divine intervention to realize inner healing brings about a joyous spirit that can face every hurdle.

Joy and happiness with inner healing

Momentary inner change can come be brought about

by just watching innocence, joy and happiness around us. An inner healing experience however uproots all negativity and disturbing thoughts thereby allowing peace and calm to settle. Keep in mind, peace and calm cannot reside alongside inner conflict and turmoil. Inner healing is only possible if you desire a renewed spirit that spreads peace and joy. To feel the Holy Spirit dwell within you have to let go of your past. Unless you leave behind your past there is no way you will feel the warmth of peace, love, joy and happiness through inner healing. Meditative music and prayer helps significantly during a reflective healing session. During reflective sessions all the hurt and pain you have feel is cleansed. There is no way to describe an inner healing experience, but only experience it.

How does an inner healing session work?

Inner healing works differently for every person, but every person feels the same joyous warmth in their heart through an inner healing session. Some persons may cry, others may shout and many more may tremble and shiver during an inner healing session. This happens when a person is in a reflective state of mind. Past wrongdoing by you or against you becomes vivid during reflective sessions. The key to happiness lies in forgiveness. If you have not forgiven a person that has caused you hurt or grief, there is no way you will be happy. Inner healing enables you to forgive yourself and others. When you are able to forgive during an inner healing session, you feel a burden leave you, that burden is guilt. It’s only when you are free from guilt that the Holy Spirit is allowed to dwell within. The Creator has given every person in this universe the key to unlock doors; most times we do not use that key, instead we build dungeons and live in them far from light. When you unlock doors, you see light. It’s only light that will lead you, and darkness that will hold you. It’s your choice, be held, or move forward.

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