Best Days To Publish For Online Writers

If you are an online writer you will notice traffic to your blog or article will be increasingly high on specific days. All seven days in a week do not get an equal distribution in terms of traffic. Of course the topic or subject you choose to write about does determine traffic flow; however it’s certain days of the week that bring in the chunk of views. Online writers should target time zones and specific days to increase traffic and thereby views on their articles.

The highest number of views most online writers get is on Saturday. We have to realize

that most readers that are working find time to scan through information or read articles on weekends. Hence it is a wise idea to post articles on a writing site on Friday morning. The gradual increase in views can be seen as Friday approaches. Save your best articles for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most readers that are caught up with work are free during weekends. Aside from your regular visitors to you blog or writing website, weekends attract a number of new viewers on online writing sites which greatly increases views on posts. A number of readers share
articles, blogs, and posts on various social networks on Saturday and Sunday.

A great deal depends on topics, subjects, keywords, and key phrases to get organic views, however, on weekends readers are relaxed and have time at hand, so expect chunk of the sharing and promotion of blogs and articles to be done on Saturday and Sunday. On weekends majority of users are willing to spend time to read rather than quickly scan for information. Although trending topics are yet sought after on weekends, detailed articles on an uncommon topic or subject can take off on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Stumbleupon. Keep in mind Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the best days to publish articles/blogs since these days have has the largest number of internet users. Target weekends if you want to increase views on your blog or article.


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