Bird Poop Facials And Face Masks: Tom Cruise And Victoria Beckham Love This Beauty Treatment For Anti Aging, Clear Complexion, Fair Skin And Youthful Appearance

The thought of having bird poop smeared on your face is not very encouraging. But if it does wonders to your skin, what the heck, bring it on. Bird poop facials and face masks for anti aging, clear complexion, fair skin and youthful appearance is the next big thing in beauty treatment, and Hollywood celebrities swear by it. Nightingale poop is here to stay.

It’s a known fact that Hollywood superstars spend a huge amount of money on expensive skin treatments. Although Botox and surgery yet reign supreme amongst celebrities, a new facial treatment which claims miraculous effects on the

skin and is easy on the pocket is gaining momentum. Say hello to Nightingale poop face masks. Apparently this bird poo skin treatment nourishes the skin leaving it soft and glowing. It is believed this facial pack can erase aging lines, marks and scars giving the skin a healthy tone and youthful appearance. Aging Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise seems to have taken an instant liking to this natural treatment. The 49 year old actor was recommended this natural skin treatment by a Hollywood pal. According to Now magazine reports on the Hollywood actor has been experimenting with bird poop facial just recently and is overjoyed with the results. Treatment procedure involves nightingale excrement mixed with water and rice barn. This poo facial mix when applied as a face mask is believed to have a magical effect on skin.

Nightingale poop beauty treatment

According to skin experts in high end spas and beauty salons in US and UK, nightingale poop mixed with rice barn and water nourishes and conditions skin and also help in skin tightening thereby reducing wrinkles and aging

lines. This face mask is applied and dried under UV lights. Bird poo facial treatments have been used by Japanese women for a long time. Facial expert Shizuka Bernstein is credited for introducing this natural beauty treatment in US in 2007. According to Bernstein, an enzyme present in bird poop eliminates dead skin layers giving the face a clear even tone. Nightingale poop exfoliates skin that helps remove fine layers of dust build up and dirt. The presence of guanine in bird droppings is responsible for the shine on healthy glowing skin. Nightingale poop combined with ingredients such as pearl protein, green tea, rice barn and sake is used in various beauty treatments in high end beauty salons and spas. A variety of bird poop natural skin treatments also known as Geisha Facial is offered at Shizuka New York Day Spa. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are huge fans of this natural beauty product. Nightingale excrement is collected from Kyushu, an island in Japan.

Would you apply bird poop on your face for that youthful appearance? Well, it’s the next big thing. Cheers to the Nightingale!


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