Dc Comics Superheroes Vs. Marvel Comics Superheroes- Who Will Emerge Winner In A Battle

As a child I used to cook up superhero battle stories and narrate them to my parents who used to have the same cheerful expression with a sheepish smile. Needless, to say most of the superheroes fighting it out in my stories were characters from DC comics and Marvel comics. If ever a battle between superheroes from DC comics and Marvel Comics takes place, who do you think will emerge winner?

I’ve been a huge fan of comic books since I was young. Even today, whenever I find time I go through my stash of comics. Majority of my comics

are DC and Marvel. As a kid I used to read comics even during my study time using my long Physics journal as camouflage.

I used to be and yet am a huge fan of Spider-Man. No brownie points for guessing I was partial towards Spidey and made sure he beat the crap out of every other superhero in my stories as a kid. I had quite a collection of action figures that I would use as visual representation for my stories. My mom and Dad used to cheer on every time I made Spidey win in the battle of superheroes. However, when my elder brother was around he used to make me cry. His favorite character was Hulk. Sadly, I’ve grown up, but I yet have that childish streak in me. Ok I won’t lie, I’m yet a grown up kid, and I yet love superheroes, I guess everybody does.

I was wondering if superheroes from DC comics and Marvel comics wage war against each other which team would emerge winner. A battle, DC Comics superheroes vs Marvel Comics superheroes, not a bad idea to make a movie either…huh. Both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have their share of powerful superheroes and superheroines. Well, in the clash of superheroes let’s include the baddies as well. Yes, we often ignore the bad guys/villains when we talk about superheroes, but let’s face it, most superheroes would be dejected and depressed without the baddies. Moreover, most superheroes either don’t have a happy love life, or their girlfriends don’t know they are superheroes. Villains are the focal point of a superheroes existence. Hence, supervillains from DC comics and Marvel comics will be accompanying their superheroes and superheroines in the battle. Who has the most powerful superheroes, DC comics or Marvel comics.

Here’s a list of main characters from DC comics and Marvel comics. Several characters mentioned here are expected to make their appearance in future superhero movies. Please consider strength, weakness and ability of every superhero, superheroine, and supervillian before you declare the winner.

Feel free to voice your opinion through comments.

DC Comics- Superheroes/ Superheroines/Supervillians

• Superman



• Batman



• Cyborg



• Booster Gold



• Catwoman



• The Flash



• Supergirl



• Penguin



• Green Lantern



• Plastic Man



• Wonder Woman



• Robin



• Batgirl



• Shazam



• The Question



• Green Arrow



• Aquaman



• Hawkman



• Martian Manhunter



• Robot Man



• Lobo



• Lex Luthor



• Harley Quinn



• Darkseid



• Brainiac



• Two-Face



• Sinestro



• Mr. Freeze



• Joker



• Riddler



• General Zod



• Abin Sur



• Whisper A’ Daire



• Man-Bat



• Zauriel



• Kyle Abbot



• Heat Wave



• Phantom Lady



• Blue Devil



• Killer Moth



• Swap Thing



• Firefly



• Adam Strange



• Bombshell



• Thara Ak-Var



• Black Hand



• Ambush Bug



• Ballistic



• Talia al Ghul



• Captain Marvel



• Abby Holland



• Starman



• Kirt Niedrigh



• Eclipso



• Big Barda



• Acrata



• Anti-Monitor



• Black Lightning



• Bizarro



• Bane



• Ra’s al Ghul



• Animal Man



• Zatanna



• Blackbriar Thorn



• John Constantine



• Black Canary



• Alexander Luthor, Jr.



• Amon Sur



• Black Manta



• Blackfire



Marvel Comics- Superheroes/Superheroines/Supervillians

• Spider-Man



• Iron Man



• Thor



• Daredevil



• Hulk



• Sandman



• Captain America



• Doctor Doom



• Red Skull



• Silver Surfer



• Green Goblin



• Deadpool



• Galactus



• Captain Britain



• The Punisher



• Thanos



• Black Panther



• Nick Fury



• Vision



• Gambit



Fantastic Four



• Human Torch



• Invisible Woman



• Thing



• Mister Fantastic



X Men



• Wolverine



• Dazzler



• Nightcrawler



• Cyclops



• Magneto



• Angel



• Beast



• Marvel Girl



• The Multiple Man



• Colossus



• Iceman



• Rogue



• Storm



• Shadowcat



• Mister Sinister



• Apocalypse



• Sentinel



Hellfire Club



• Sebastin Shaw



• Sunspot



• Emma Shaw



• Madelyne Pryor



• Harry Leland



• Trevor Fitzroy



• Donald Pierce



• Shinobi Shaw



• Sage






• Day Tripper



• Black Night



• Peter Wisdom



• Warlock



• Psylocke



• Nocturne



• Feron



• Longshot



• Micromax



• Juggernaut



• Wolfsbane



• Lockheed



• Meggan



• Kylun



• Moira Mac Taggert


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