Diet And Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Getting out of shape is easy; the difficult bit is getting back in shape. This article showcases the right diet and exercises to get rid of love handles.

Being overweight is definitely not the way we want to be. Getting rid of love handles seems to be a problem for many individuals. Carrying an endless supply of fat around our hips and abdominal area is certainly not a thing to be proud of. The only person that can help you get rid of love handles fast is you.

Diet to get rid of Love Handles

The right diet is essential if you want

to tone your body and get rid of love handles. Eat meals that have a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Opt for foods that are high in nutrition and protein value. To get rid of love handles you do not have stop eating or eat less than normal. Instead, change your eating preferences and eating habits. You can eat the same proportion of a meal or snack that you usually do, but replace your eating pattern with health foods. For instance if you are used to eating burgers with loads of mustard sauce, ketchup, generous proportions of cheese and fried chicken substitute that habit with a low luncheon meat burger or lean meat sandwiches.

Use low fat spreads on sandwiches and burgers. If you just can’t resist the craving for sweets and desserts, you can always have a granola bar or dice fresh fruit and make a low fat yogurt dip. Eat right to get rid of love handles, it’s the only way. Fruit snacks are an excellent replacement option for junk food. Lightly sautéed vegetables and chicken salads are recommended for individuals that want to get rid of love handles. If you have a dietician or nutritionist helping you out, stick to the diet plan that is recommended. A high fiber and high protein fruit and vegetable diet along with a high intensity workout are a must if you want to get rid of love handles fast.

Foods recommended to get rid of love handles


  • Carrots


  • Plums


  • Meat (Lean meat-Turkey/Chicken)


  • Beetroot


  • Spinach


  • Grapes


  • Eggplant


  • Mushrooms


  • Broccoli


  • Asparagus


  • Kale


  • Red Cabbage

Remember, it’s not just eating healthy that will help you get rid of love handles. You have got to burn calories in order to get rid of the residential fat on your waist and abdominal area. Exercise is essential if you want to get rid of love handles. Toning your body doesn’t mean joining a gym and pumping weights insanely. Work out a cardio exercise schedule and gradually move to weights. Getting a certified trainer to help you out with problem areas will always help. Exercising and eating healthy on a regular basis will help you get rid of love handles, and stay fit.                    

Exercises to get rid of Love Handles

Various exercises are designed to tone different body parts.


  • To get rid of love handles you can begin with a light cardio workout.


  • Once you get used to the cardio move on to working on the abs.


  • Basic crunches will help immensely to trim the fat in certain areas of the waist and abdominal area.


  • Stretches in twist crunches will strengthen the ‘rectus abdominis’ muscle.


  • Lie flat on you your back and raise both you legs simultaneously and begin to flutter your legs. This will help strengthening your abs and getting rid if the excess fat around the waist area.


  • You can also do this exercise with a variation lying on your stomach.


  • The process of lying on your stomach and fluttering your legs will strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles around the waist where excess fat is stored.


  • Do not exert yourself doing leg flutters, you could tear a ligament. You can do two sets of leg
    flutters for fifteen seconds and gradually increase the duration. Make sure you exercise regularly to get rid of love handles.

Here’s a list of exercises/workouts to get rid of love handles


  • Side Bridge


  • Bicycle Crunches


  • Cardio


  • Elbow to Knee Crunches


  • Hanging Oblique Knee Raise


  • Side Oblique Crunch


  • Fingers-to-Heel Oblique Touchers


  • Leg Flutters


  • Lying Pelvic Lifts


  • Standing Trunk Twists


  • Russian Twists


  • Crunches with Leg Raises


  • Torso Rotation


  • Twisted Jackknife


  • Frankensteins/Standing Gate Openers


  • Hip Rolls


  • Captain’s Chair

Whatever exercise/workout you opt for make sure your technique is right. Get help from a certified trainer to help you with the right posture, movement, and technique for exercises to get rid of love handles.

Success only comes when you’re persistent. Never stop trying. If you decide to choose a road that leads to a healthy life avoid the others that destroy it. In other words if you’ve made up your mind to get rid of love handles, and are following a work out regime, don’t use it as a excuse, to eat all the junk food available. I know it’s not easy to give up things we love, but if you have a goal in mind, nothings impossible.

Getting rid of love handles depends on the individual capacity of a person. As the body type of every individual differs, duration to get rid of love handles will vary. Religiously stick to your exercise and diet, and one day you’ll wake up a brand new person.

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