Different Types Of Nosy Aunts

Nosy aunts, they are not a new phenomenon. Every large family has their share of nosy aunts. What nosy aunts manage to do exceedingly well is gather information and share in a jiffy. There are different types of nosy aunts you come across. This article brings to life different types of nosy aunts that exist within the realm of family.

Some aunts in the family want to know every detail. Where you go, what you do, what’s happening in your life, what’s happening in the lives of people you know, I wonder why? Nosy aunts never have enough of what they want; they are unstoppable, rather relentless when it comes to acquiring information. Is there a dull moment in the life of a nosy aunt? Well, I don’t think so. Most members in a family get used to living with nosy aunties; it’s the young brigade that does not like conduct of nosy aunts in families. Instead of minding their

own business, nosy aunts seek thrill in getting to know how things unfold in the lives of others. Here’s different types of nosy aunts one may encounter in their family.

Shameless Nosy Aunts

These aunts are shameless to the bone. Even if they are told not to intrude in their lives of others, they feel it’s their birth right to do so, and they do. 

Sly Nosy Aunts

Yeah, these nosy aunties give you the impression they are your guardian angels and love to extract information from you. These aunts always have that wry smile on their face when they ask you questions and expect you to answer.

Relentless Nosy Aunts

These aunts will bombard you with questions to get information pertaining to a subject or topic. They are relentless towards achieving their goal and seldom give


Shrewd Nosy Aunts

These aunts are in every sense perfectionists. Their approach to gather information is flawless. They do their homework to extract information. Usually these nosy aunties ask questions during breakfast, lunch or dinner in a rather casual way, jokingly, and in the process succeed at what they intend to know. 

Humorous Nosy Aunts

Humorous nosy aunties are there in every family. They love to have a good time. Humorous aunts often get away with murder. They use sarcasm as a weapon to annoy others and gather information. They make every person in the family look gullible.

Theatrical Nosy Aunts

These aunts are as loud as they can get. They love to be heard and are attention seekers to a certain extent. While doing their bit to get attention, they cleverly make question and answer sessions look like a recreational game.

Food for Thought…99% of Nosy aunts suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they do not gossip once in 24 hours.

What type of nosy auntie are you?

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  • tobehappy  03-06-2017
    Luckily I did not have real nosy aunts. They more or less gave me advise on life issues.
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