Different Ways To Wear A Scarf: How To Wrap, Knot, And Drape A Scarf

Over the years the humble scarf has gone onto become the most popular fashion accessory. There are a number of ways to wear a scarf, however if a scarf is not draped properly it can be ghastly sight. This article showcases different ways to wear a scarf and offers a detailed perspective on how to wrap, knot and drape a scarf.

A scarf makes you look chic if worn in accordance with your personal style. Different types of knots and drape styles can be used to when you wear a scarf. A little bit of creativity makes a huge difference in

visual aesthetics. Different types of scarves are available, however, silk scarves, cotton scarves, woolen scarves, pashmina scarves, chiffon scarves, and linen scarves are exceedingly popular with women. Although a scarf is simple to tie or wrap around the neck, it’s the knot patterns that make a style statement. The type of scarf wrap or scarf knot you wear is decisive in bringing out that oomph factor. Novel ideas can be implemented when you wear a scarf. Though the scarf is used traditionally in semi-formal or casual dressing, over the years it has become a popular fashion accessory in formal attire.

Different ways to wear a scarf

Men and women can wear scarves in different ways on outfits of their choice. It is a known fact that tying a scarf is not rocket science. However, if you do not get the wrap around, knot, or drape right it’s a waste. Remember, fashion sense differs. A scarf drape or scarf knot may look shabby on some while the same may look stunning on many others. You have to find ways to wear scarves that complement your style and suit your personality.

Below is a list of different scarf styles- Knots, Wrap around and Drape

Square Scarves

• French Knot
• Cape Wrap
• Ponytail Wrap
• Square Knot
• Bandana Wrap
• Ascot Wrap

Winter Scarves

• Head Wrap
• Crossed Shawl
• Chain Knot Wrap
• Muffler
• Fake Knot
• Shrug
• Loose Wrap
• Layered Knot

Skinny Scarves

• Rosette Neck Wrap
• Knot Row
• Four In Hand
• Slip Knot
• Half Bow

Circle Scarves

• Double Loop
• Head Loop
• Triple Loop
• Bolero

If you have been having trouble with wearing a scarf in regard with wrap styles, drape styles, or knot styles, videos will be of help.

(Click the first link below the article to see video demonstrations of different ways to wear a scarf)

How to select the right scarf

Most women that love scarves use the conventional method by putting it around their neck and distributing equal length on the left or right side for drape. By altering the length of the scarf on either side, you can get mesmerizing knot patterns and wrap patterns for a drape. Select a scarf that complements your skin tone, eyes and hair. The scale of the scarf should be selected in accordance with

the nape of the neck. Loud colors tend to highlight dark circles; hence it is safe to wear a monotone if you have dark circles or puffy eyes. A scarf should ideally complement your body frame. Versatile colors for scarves are black, purple, brown and cream/off white. Colors popular with teens and young women are mustard yellow, lime green, blue, pink, olive green, lemon yellow, turquoise, white, silver and gold. Textures, patterns and prints such as batik, lace, plaid, ruffle, stripes, polka dots, crochet, and ethnic ikat are a rage with young women and old women.

Scarves for thin boned/petite women

Many thin-boned women, petite women and anorexic women look disproportionate when they wear chunky scarves. Petite women or petite women should choose medium sized scarves. Thin knit textures look stunning on necks of thin boned women. Thickness and scale of a scarf is of essential importance and should be selected to aesthetically complement your body frame.

Scarves for curvy women

Women with curvy bodies can wear large or thick scarves. If you are short make sure the length of the scarf when draped is long, this accentuates your frame and makes you look taller. Ruffle scarves look exceedingly beautiful on women with curvy figures.

Scarves for women with well endowed bodies

Women with a large bust or women that have well endowed bodies often complain about their bust being highlighted when they wear scarves. You do not have to refrain from scarves if you are overweight or have a large bust. All you need to do is pick the right scarf and drape it in a way that it downplays your chest. For this the best way is to choose a scarf with a dark color base and let it hang with cluster knots. This not only downplays your chest, it also makes you look taller and slimmer than you actually are.



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