20 Ways To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

A majority of smokers that take the decision of quitting cigarettes change their decision within 24 hours. How do you quit smoking? How do you control the urge or craving to smoke? If you truly want to quit smoking, read on.

Giving up smoking is what many people all over the world find difficult. You may be a person that has taken to smoking recently or you may be a person with years of experience with the stick, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters when you take the decision to quit smoking is your conduct and self discipline. Contrary to

belief, it is more difficult for a person that has started smoking recently to give up the habit than it is for a person that has been smoking for several years. Many individuals give up smoking for a short period and get back to their old ways when the going gets tough. Most smokers that are a slave to the habit are of the opinion it’s impossible to quit cigarettes. It’s all in the mind. If you train your mind to keep away from cigarettes, you will. How do you quit smoking? The lines to follow reveal effective ways to quit smoking. Giving up cigarettes is possible, only if you truly want to.

When is the best time to quit smoking?

Logically, the best time to quit smoking is immediately, right now. However, most smokers pick a date and promise themselves or others to quit from that day on. This is done by a smoker to buy time and prolong his/her smoking activity. Most cigarette smokers that try this method do not want to give up their habit, but are coaxed or pestered by friends or loved ones to give up cigarettes. The best time to put an end to your smoking habit is during the abstinence period present in various religions. For instance, majority of Christians refrain from smoking and drinking during lent. Same is the case with most Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. Research reveals that individuals that are able to refrain from cigarettes for over 3 weeks find it easier to quit smoking. A large number of smokers, both men and women are able to give up smoking at the birth of their new born. Your new-born baby strongly influences your decision to keep away from cigarettes without saying a word.

How to fight urge or craving?

Urge and craving are aspects every smoker has to deal with at an individual level. Even if you’ve quit cigarettes for over 10 years, every time you see a person smoking a cigarette, more so your favorite brand, you feel a sensation within, that urge or that craving. In times like these, individuals with strong will power are able to refrain from smoking. Everybody has will power but not everybody uses it to its fullest potential. You can only overpower urge or craving with mind control. We often succumb to what our heart desires; listen to the voice of reason the mind essays.

Refuse cigarettes offered when you’re with friends-Say No

If you belong to a circle of friends that smoke and drink there will be those few that mock at you and encourage you to give in to that last cigarette before quitting. Let sense prevail. Learn to say No! You may upset a few friends when you refuse to take the last magic puff, but you will earn their respect later with your decision in regard with quitting cigarettes. The first week is the toughest phase to refrain from smoking. In teenage groups, friends try their level best to get you back to square one. This is not done to dissuade you from your decision but because they miss your smoking conversations and old self. When you’re through the first week without smoking a cigarette, you feel like you’ve won a war against your deadliest enemy. This feeling helps you to continue in the second week. Once you complete three weeks without smoking a cigarette the renewed confidence that comes over you assures you that you are capable of quitting for the long haul. It’s just that feeling that needs to come over you to quit smoking. You may feel like an outcast in the beginning and that’s when you need to win the battle in your mind.

The amount of money you’ve spend on cigarettes is money spent to destroy yourself

Calculate the amount of money you’ve spent on cigarettes since you started smoking. You will be surprised the amount is exceedingly high. That amount is the money you’ve burnt, wasted. For example, if you’ve been smoking for the last 5 years and are have spend $4 a day on a cigarette packet, you have spent $ 7300 on destroying yourself. This should help you realize the fool you’ve been. Every smoker that gives up smoking and offers a mere $4 a month to a charitable institution or support group will be spending just $48 in a year for a good cause. This $4 amount is money put to good use. You may not realize it, but the lives of less fortunate change for the better when we make changes in our life. When you quit smoking make it a habit to donate the equivalent daily amount you’ve spent on cigarettes to charitable institutions, support groups, life threatening disease foundations, and social service groups. When you do this you will never muster the courage to walk to a store and buy a packet of cigarettes. Inner transformation brings out the best in you.

A cigarette is not a reliever

Many people smoke to relieve themselves from feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness anxiety, and fear. Many smokers, especially teenagers have this foolish notion that nicotine acts a healing balm for unpleasant feelings. The fact that many believe this false truth is what prevents them from quitting cigarettes. You can never quit something you believe does you good in your bad times. You do not have to light a cigarette to feel better about yourself. Effective ways to get rid of stress, depression, loneliness, sadness fear and anxiety are exercise, meditation and prayer.

Sugar-related symptoms after you quit smoking- What you need to do?

When you quit smoking symptoms such as dizziness, restlessness, and headaches do occur. This is because of lack of immediate sugar release from nicotine. Sugar-related cravings may last for a few days, approximately for a week or more until you body adjusts to the change. It’s on days when sugar related cravings are higher than normal that individuals go back to smoking. When sugar related cravings occur after quitting cigarettes make sure you drink plenty of natural fruit juice. If you are a diabetic make sure you have a glass of cranberry juice or pear juice. Teenagers find it difficult to fight sugar-related symptoms. When you feel restless feel free to indulge in pastries, doughnuts or any other confectionary products rather than smoke.

Device a game plan to quit smoking

Device a game plan to quit smoking, it helps a great deal. Make a list of reasons why you should quit smoking. Get

photocopies done and place them in strategic locations. You can place the list you’ve made on the mirror above the washbasin where you brush your teeth, on the bathroom door, on the front door, and also in places where you usually keep cigarette packets. The list should be at a visible location. This technique may work differently for every person, but it works .The main purpose of this activity or method is to remind yourself you need to quit smoking, and why. Keep in mind; words on a wall have immense power. A person that wants to quit smoking should have the following content or points in his/her list.

• Smoking kills you sooner than later

• Smoking increases the risk of cancer

• Smoking increases the risk of heart diseases

• Smoking affects memory and mental capacity

• Smoking increases risk of diabetes

• Smoking reduces fertility

• Smoking increase the risk of depression

• Smoking increase the risk of premature babies

• Smoking makes you impotent

• Smoking affects my children

• Smoking can destroy relationships

• Smoking affects children

If you truly want to give up smoking picture yourself in every point in the list.

Identify your smoking habits and detach yourself accordingly

Every smoker has peculiar habits. The number of cigarettes you smoke increases or decreases with your activities for the week. Research reveals that an individual is not aware of how many cigarettes he/she smokes under the influence of alcohol. A smoker that reduces alcohol consumption or gives up alcohol drastically reduces his/her smoking habit. If you are a smoker that enjoys partying, the number of cigarettes you smoke at night is significantly higher than the number during the day. You can detach yourself from cigarettes slowly by reducing the number of parties you attend or restricting your clubbing activities.

20 essential tips for teenagers to quit smoking

1. At your workplace take breaks with co-workers that do not smoke.


2. Replace your smoking habit with a fresh juice habit.


3. Tell your friends and family that have hated your smoking habit about your plans of quitting cigarettes. They will encourage you and keep an eye on you to ensure you keep away from cigarettes.


4. Don’t be an idiot. Say No, when offered a smoke. You will feel good about yourself.


5. Get rid of tobacco related products and cigarette packets that are in your home or in your car. Succumbing to temptation is easy and that’s the reason why many teenagers are unable to quit smoking.


6. If you have the habit of smoking with alcohol, give up alcohol. If you are not able to give up alcohol replace the cigarette with items such as nuts, chips or chicken salads. It may seem a bit weird, but it works.


7. Keep flavored toothpicks in your pocket and chew on it every time you feel the urge to smoke.


8. To motivate yourself to quit smoking remember how you’ve emerged victorious in difficult times in your life.


9. Do not feel shy about taking smoking cessation medication. These medications are available to reduce cravings, urge and withdrawal symptoms.


10. For withdrawal symptoms acupuncture works exceedingly well. This is one of the oldest medical techniques that help the body relax by triggering the release of endorphins.


11. Seek help from websites and books that provide motivational ways of quitting cigarettes. Several smokers offer testimonials about how they quit drugs. If a person can come clean from a drug related habit, giving up smoking should be easy for you.


12. Meditation and Prayer along with behavioral therapy works wonders.


13. Watch videos of victims or sufferers of tobacco-related cancers to instill fear within you to quit cigarettes.


14. Do not carry cash. You’re better off having credit cards. Majority of local stores accept only cash and not credit card payment on cigarette packets.


15. Most teenage smokers feel guilty when they relapse. You don’t have to feel down or guilty. The fact that you have taken a decision to quit smoking is worthy of praise. Look back on what went wrong and see what triggered you to get back to smoking. Learn from your mistakes.


16. Play a sport. Research reveals that individuals that engage in daily cardio activity immediately after quitting cigarettes are able to give up smoking more easily than individuals that don’t.


17. Keep your mind occupied. Read books and magazines you love. Be engaged with your favorite activity.


18. Learn a musical instrument you’ve always wanted. When you quit smoking take up a hobby you love. Learn to play a musical instrument that has always fascinated you, it helps tremendously. Woodwind instruments have a calming effect on the mind. This helps shift focus on constructive activities.


19. Consume a lot of water when you have recently stopped smoking. Water is an excellent cure. It flushes toxins fast, minimizes craving, and reduces the duration of withdrawal symptoms.


20. Make your home a smoke-free zone. Do not allow friends to smoke in your home.

I hope and pray this post helps you quit smoking. Do not feel discouraged or frustrated if you have made several attempts at giving up cigarettes and not succeeded, try again, I succeeded this way. Just don’t lose hope.

Love n’ Peace

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