Facebook And Twitter: The Most Popular Social Networks Among Indian Politicians

There has been a debate in regard with functioning of social networking sites and censorship in India. While some are of the opinion Facebook and Twitter should be banned, many firmly believe it’s the best thing to have happened to this world, politics, and politicians. Indeed, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networks among Indian politicians.

Users have taken pot shots at politicians through various social networks such as Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter amongst others. Needless to say politicians are not impressed. Light humor and dark sarcasm is definitely is ok, but when it goes beyond that

it is bound to upset an individual. It is downright wrong to post objectionable content that tarnishes a person’s image on social networks. Because of wrongdoing of certain users, some social networks fear the possibility of a ban in India.

Cases against Facebook, Twitter and Google’s You Tube have been registered in Indian courts in regard with objectionable or offensive content posted on respective sites. Politicians in India have sure been ruffled by posts, content, images, and video uploaded on various social networks. However, now, politicians are seeing social media in new light. After incidents of users taking pot shots at politicians started increasing, many politicians have opened accounts with various social networking sites rather than refrain from them.

Politicians and Social Networks in India

Although Indian politicians use various social network services to connect with their fans, Facebook and Twitter are the most

popular. Many members of parliament are using their Facebook page to inform people about recent developments in regard with various issues. Chief Minister Narendra Modi of Gujarat a popular public figure in India uses Facebook and Twitter to connect with people of India. Mamta Banerjee another popular public figure and Chief Minister of West Bengal loves to use Facebook to connect with her fans and supporters. Several ministers are using social networks to connect with youth of India. Social Media has played a significant role in many politicians’ campaigns. Hers is a list of Indian politicians that are active on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

• Milind Deora

• L.K Advani

• Joyti Basu

• Rahul Gandhi

• Manmohan Singh

• Narendra Modi

• S M Krishna

• Shashi Tharoor

• Mamta Banerjee

• Chandrababu Naidu

• Omar Abdullah

• Ajay Makan

• Varun Gandhi

• Naveen Jindal

• Sushma Swaraj

• Digvijay Singh

• Subramanian Swamy


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