Facebook: Will This Social Networking Site Have A Worthy Competitor In The Future

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has captivated net users globally. Setting milestones has become a habit for this social networking site. Will there be a worthy competitor for Facebook in the future or will dominance and monopoly continue.

Facebook is indeed a drug this world cannot do without. In good times and bad times it’s this social networking site that plays pied piper. Facebook has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. It’s the most used social networking site in the world with the highest number of active users. Needless to say this site enjoys monopolistic rule

in the social networking segment. Currently there is no social networking site that comes remotely close to competing with Facebook. Every change that Facebook implements in the realms of social networking becomes a norm. Several sites on the lines of Facebook have mushroomed over the years but have failed to create an impact. Since coming into being, Facebook has played the game well.

Facebook’s role in eliminating competition

What Facebook has done exceedingly well is allow no space for competition. If you take a look at Facebook’s career graph you will notice that changes made since its launch have dictated terms in the future. Strategic changes made in a company are aimed at eliminating competition. It’s a simple formula, when you offer every

aspect of what a customer requires there’s no way a customer would go elsewhere. That’s exactly what Facebook has done. This social networking site has made life convenient and easy for users. Such, that even if a competitor makes its presence, getting Facebook users to shift loyalty will be an uphill task. Today, every business accepts the fact that Facebook has increased their profit margins. When it comes to advertising, promotion and marketing, Facebook is the preferred choice.

Let’s face it; there is no social networking site that dictates terms better than Facebook. Does it occur to each one of us, Facebook has not changed in accordance with our likes and preferences. In fact it’s the other way round. We have changed our ways in accordance with what Facebook believes is right for us. This kind of a stronghold or dominance is only possible when a game changer comes along and holds its reins on you firmly. Facebook it was, Facebook it is, Facebook will it be?





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