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FC Barcelona or Chelsea: Who will make it to the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final in Munich, Germany?
Published By realityspeaks on 2012-04-23 49 Views

Considering the kind of moves FC Barcelona display, one would expect the giants from Spain to make it to the finals of 2012 UEFA Champions League. Many English football fans would be rooting for Chelsea, but against mighty Barcelona Roberto Di Matteo’s men will have to come all guns blazing. It’s their only chance.

FC Barcelona has to rely on ball possession, short passes, and insanely theatrical genius of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez to make it to the 2012 UEFA Champions League. English Club Chelsea’s best bet is counter attacks, blistering runs, and long passes.

With the first leg of the semifinals going Chelsea’s way, speculations have reached unprecedented heights. One thing’s for sure, fans of both clubs are biting their nails. Both teams will be hoping for a place in the final. Considering Barcelona’s precision passing and ability to create magical moves, one would expect the giants from Spain to make it to the final. However, one cannot rule out Chelsea. Yes, the blues have displayed Mumbo-Jumbo football against oppositions in recent times, but the English Club has this uncanny knack of firing its guns at the right time.

Josep Guardiola knows his men will rely heavily on short passes to frustrate Chelsea. Barca is known for impeccable ball possession tactics. Their pinpoint accuracy with short passes sends opponents in a tizzy. When you talk about that ‘magic touch’ it’s Barcelona’s midfields and forwards that come to mind. Chelsea will rely heavily on counter attacks. Didier Drogba’s blistering runs on the counter will catch the Barcelona defense unawares. Needless to say Barcelona will play the offside trap. Frank Lampard’s precision with the long ball can change the game. Roberto Di Matteo knows it all too well. Does Chelsea have what it takes to overcome mighty FC Barcelona? Fans, say your prayers, your club needs them.

There will be a winner. Who will it be?


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