Five Annoying Sounds That Can Ruin Sleep At Night

Everybody longs for peaceful sleep after a tiring days work. However, on some days you are unable to sleep because of clarity of certain sounds. When this happens it is frustrating. There’s nothing much you can do but hope the moment passes by. Here’s a list of annoying sounds/noises that can ruin sleep at night.

1. Dog Barking- A pack of stray dogs barking in the neighborhood can be frustrating. To make matters worse your neighbor’s dog joins in. After a sudden silence when you think they’re finally done annoying you, they start again.

2. A leaking Tap- The sound

of water droplets at night sound musical, but after a while it gets irritating. The Plop-Plop- Plop- Plop sound or the Tash-Tash-Tash-Tash sound hitting a tin surface can ruin sleep. Even if you get the taps fixed by a plumber they start leaking again.

3. Cricket Chirping- A cricket hidden in some corner of the room or backyard can rob you of sleep by relentlessly playing his high pitched tune. This insects chirp can make you lose your cool. Don’t get out of bed in a fit of rage and go looking for that cricket that is hell-bent on ruining your sleep at night; you’ll only end up livid with your inability

to find and overpower the little insect.

4. Traffic noise- Sudden traffic noise in the dead of night can have you up wide awake. Intoxicated morons speeding and testing their vehicle horns at unearthly hours are sleep-killers.

5. Party at your Neighbors- The sound of music, laughter, glasses tumbling, loud singing, and several voices in a conversation sound good when you’re present at a party, not when you’re trying to get sleep. Late night parties at a neighbors place can play havoc with your sleep schedule. No matter how low your neighbor tries to keep the volume at his/her party, at night, sounds have astonishing clarity. Walls do not help much. Broken hearted individuals shedding tears and loudly sharing bittersweet tales from the past at late night parties can be frustrating for an individual trying to get sleep.

If your sleep has been ruined by other sounds/ noises other than the ones mentioned in this list, feel free to share your episode.

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