Forgiveness From The Heart

It is difficult to forgive somebody that has caused us hurt and pain, but it is essential to forgive that person from the heart. A person with an unforgiving heart cannot find happiness. If forgiveness unburdens, why burden yourself?

When a person causes you hurt, pain, or suffering you feel sad and angry. Everybody feels this way. We may give vent to our anger and frustration in different ways and move on in life. However, that episode does not end there. Bitterness and hate breed within if you do not forgive. You may find moments in this material world blissful,

but those moments cannot fill the void in your heart. The emptiness you feel inside is because of an incident or episode in your life that you have not come to terms with. How you feel today has got a lot to do with your past. We are often told by elders and friends to move on in life, and we do so, blindly. It is important to move ahead in life but if you do not forgive the person that has caused you hurt before you move on, your life ahead will be plagued with hurdles of resentment and hate.

Mind and Forgiveness

Inner turmoil brings out the worst in each one of us. Our mind is where we sow the seeds of hate and negativity. The mind is a storage place with unlimited capacity. Research reveals we tend to remember bitter, sad or shocking moments in our life more precisely than happy moments. We form images of our past and store them in our hard disk, the mind. We do this only when we have not been able to forgive a person for what he/she has done to us. When you forgive a person from your heart you free yourself, and

the person that feels guilt by causing you grievance. Many may argue that some individuals do not feel guilt. Make no mistake, everybody feels guilt, however it’s only when the presence of the guiding light leaves, an individual fails to feel guilt. The endearing warmth you feel when you forgive is like no other experience.

Thoughts and Forgiveness

The immense joy, happiness, and peace you feel within when you forgive from the heart changes your perspective on life. Remember, an evil heart does not exist. Every person is born with a clean heart and spirit; however it’s the mind that can enslave a heart. This happens only when the Holy Spirit is not allowed to dwell inside you. We are a creation with thoughts manifested in us; we were, are and will be that way until the end. We cannot do anything to prevent thoughts. They will always be around. However, our creator has given us the gift to choose. We can choose light or darkness. Choose wisely! In accordance with what you choose, your thoughts can encourage or discourage you to forgive. With forgiveness you don’t earn any rewards but you certainly earn a renewed spirit that will change your world. If you are finding it difficult to forgive from your heart close your eyes and reflect on the words of the man that died on the cross for you, for me, for us… “Father Forgive them for they know what they do”


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