Greatest Heavy Metal Vocalists: Geoff Tate Vs. Russell Allen

In this segment of greatest heavy metal vocalists we have Geoff Tate up against Russell Allen.

Geoff Tate

When we talk about heavy metal vocalists with an epic voice, it doesn’t get better than Geoff Tate. Blessed with a dynamic vocal range, Geoff Tate has mesmerized progressive metal audiences around the world. His ability to hit the low notes and high notes effortlessly has made him hugely popular in the heavy metal world. Geoff Tate rose to prominence with the band Queensryche in the 80s. He soon became one of the most popular vocalists in the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. Geoff Tate’s vocal range has been praised by critics globally. While many rock and

metal vocalists in the 80s had a shrill high pitched voice, Geoff Tate was among the few who would go from high vocal register to deep low notes.

His operatic voice on Queensryche songs has given unique identity to the sound of the band. Geoff Tate’s textural high pitch screams in songs have been praised by music writers. Geoff Tate is among the few vocalists in the heavy metal world that can go from extremely low notes to extremely high notes. Furthermore the theatrical ease at which he hits extremely low notes after high pitched vocal part has left audiences speechless. Geoff Tate’s contribution as a songwriter with Queensryche has been immense. His high pitched voice is a rage with power metal fans and progressive metal fans.

Geoff Tate’s operatic vocal style in the realms of progressive elements has appealed to heavy metal fans all over the world. Geoff Tate’s trained voice oozes warmth every time he shifts pitch from low to high and vice versa. While every Queensryche album with Geoff Tate on vocals has connected globally with audiences, two albums in particular ‘Empire’ and ‘Operation Mindcrime’ have gone onto to become epic with fans from different parts of the globe.

Geoff Tate’s vocal range on Queensryche songs has made an impact with singers from different genres of music. There have been many vocalists in the realms of metal that have mesmerized with their impressive range, however only few vocalists in the heavy metal world have inspired with their unique voices, and Geoff Tate is definitely one among the few. In the Heavy metal genre, Geoff Tate is a class apart. His supreme tonal quality and vocal technique has inspired a new generation of singers in the metal world.

Must Have Geoff Tate Albums (With Queensryche)

  • Operation Mindcrime
  • Empire
  • American Soldier
  • Promised Land
  • Take Cover

Russell Allen

Russell Allen is

the vocalist of progressive metal band Symphony X. He is one of the most popular vocalists in the prog genre. Russell Allen has a naturally gifted voice. His wide vocal range has become immensely popular with heavy metal fans around the globe. Russell Allen’s voice and Michael Romeo’s guitar playing give unique identity to Symphony X. Aside from being the vocalist with Symphony X; Russell Allen has been actively involved with different metal projects.

Over the years he has collaborated and worked with diverse artists in the heavy metal genre. Russell Allen is hugely popular in different parts of Scandinavia where heavy metal is exceedingly popular. His powerful voice has command, furthermore his ability to hit high the high notes and low notes with effortless ease make him revered among the metal community.

Music critics have praised Russell Allen’s voice with Symphony X and various other metal projects. Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen considers Russell Allen one of the best singers in the metal world. Russell Allen has collaborated and worked on several Arjen Lucassen projects which have received rave reviews from music critics globally. 

Russell Allen has also worked with singer Jorn Lande. The duo has released melodic metal albums that have had a cult following in Europe and the United States. Symphonic metal fans from different parts of the world are looking forward to see Russell Allen collaborate with different artists and bands form the symphonic metal genre. Russell Allen’s operatic vocal parts have had an impact with music fans from various art genres. In the future we will see Russell Allen collaborate with bands and artists from diverse music genres.

Must Have Russell Allen Albums

  • Divine Wings of Tragedy (With Symphony X)
  • The Odyssey (With Symphony X)
  • Paradise Lost (With Symphony X)
  • The Battle (Allen/Lande)
  • The Great Divide (Allen/Lande)

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