Grief: Can Death Of A Loved One Turn You Into A Person Youre Not

When a person close to our heart passes away we feel sad. The grief phase varies in individuals. For some it may take a short time to get over the death of a loved one, while others may take longer to get in terms with reality. Death can turn your life upside down. Does prolonged grief turn you into a person you’re not?

The sudden death of a person can be traumatic for family of that person. You live with beautiful memories of the person that has left this world but deep within you feel emptiness, a void that is

hard to fill. To deal with grief is difficult, but everybody has got to deal with it their own way. What many individuals do when a loved one passes away is isolate themselves and seek solace in thoughts of the person that has died. This usually happens when an individual has spent many years of his/her life with the person that has passed away. Suddenly, you feel alone, lonely and most of all are unable accept the fact that the lovable
company of the person you’ve had for so many years has been snatched away in a jiffy.

Depression and suppressed anger take control if you do not accept what has happened. You will question yourself and rebel against your own heart. Thoughts will play havoc. Every individual has to go through an inner healing process to clam suppressed feelings about a person that has passed away. Grief needs a passage to flow. If suppressed within it creates walls of delusion that can lead to mental or behavioral disorders. Surround yourself with people that have a positive outlook towards life. A new beginning is difficult, but it’s a lot better than the end. Grief will leave only if you allow it to. Seek refuge only in God’s Word.

Love n’ Peace


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