Health Benefits Of Aquarium Therapy

Aquarium therapy refers to layout or setting up an aquarium for potential health benefits.

Aquarium therapy refers to layout or setting up an aquarium for potential health benefits.

Aquariums are being set up in homes, offices and hospitals because of their ability to reduce levels of anxiety and stress. Aquarium therapy may incorporate various elements that help relax the mind and ease muscle tension. Aquarium décor plays an important role in creating a serene ambiance. Different types of ambient lighting may be used in an aquarium to create a calming effect. Interior designers are incorporating aquarium therapy in offices as it plays a vital role in reducing stress levels while aesthetically complementing décor.

Health Benefits of

Aquarium Therapy

A lot of thought is being put in aquarium therapy by hospitals and health care centers to ensure anxiety levels among patients are reduced prior to surgery. Studies reveal that observing fish in an aquarium before surgery helps patients calm down and reduces pre-surgery anxiety. Similarly patients with cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure have found fish gazing in aquariums effective in reducing stress related anxiety. The feeling of serenity is associated with watching fish swim in an aquarium.

Because of potential health benefits associated with aquarium therapy, many individuals are implementing aquarium layouts in various rooms in their home. Aquarium therapy is

used as an alternative healing technique for Alzheimer’s disease. Also, several healthcare centers report patients being treated for behavioral disorders and mood disorders being less aggressive when exposed to aquariums. Psychologists and Psychiatrists are utilizing Aquarium therapy concepts to calm personality changes in patients with psychiatric problems and neurological disorders.

Several programs involving aquarium therapy have been designed to help children with developmental challenges, to cope up with learning, and explore their social skills. These programs are relaxation-based ‘touch and learn ‘sessions where students can touch aquatic invertebrates to develop new social skills. Moving water in Feng shui is considered an integral element in balancing chi (universal energy). Everybody encounters stress and anxiety, which is why Aquarium therapy is important. Set up an aquarium in your home and enjoy the calming effect it has on the mind.

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