15 Home Remedies And Tips For Soft Smooth Clear Skin

Every woman wants beautiful skin. That natural glow is what every woman desires. Many believe it costs a fortune to have supple skin that emits radiance and glow. Well, if you opt for beauty treatments at a spa or a beauty salon you are bound to exhaust large amounts of cash. By opting for the right skin treatments at home you can have flawless glowing skin. This article shares simple tips and home remedies for soft smooth clear skin.

How to have beautiful skin? This is a question that is unanswered for many women. The right skin care and skin treatment

at home is essential if you want to have younger looking skin. Ingredients available at home can be used for various skin treatments. Fruits, vegetables and oils can be used in various ways to ensure you skin is healthy and has that natural glow. Natural facials made from a mixture of vegetables, fruits and oils can be applied regularly for soft smooth skin. Dry peel powders and tea tree oil in facial masks work exceedingly well for blemish removal, acne removal and removal of fine lines. Natural fruit pulps moisturize skin and give it shine and radiance, Herb facials are also applied on the legs and hands to give skin smoothness and shine. It is possible to have clear skin when you use natural ingredients in accordance with your skin type. Vegetable facial masks are excellent for skin rejuvenation.

Taking care of skin is very important. The moment you neglect skin, it shows. Visible signs of discoloration and blemishes begin to appear when you do not take care of skin outdoors. After using a home treatment for skin it is important to protect skin. If you want smooth clear skin, taking care of skin after home treatments is very important. Significant skin damage among young women is because of lack of protection from harmful rays of the sun, and pollutants in the air. Protecting skin from various pollutants is essential if you want it to be soft, smooth and glowing.

Water is the best solution for healthy skin. Wash your skin at regular intervals. Impurities are washed clean with water. There is a home remedy for every skin type. To have soft and smooth skin it is essential to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Home treatments for skin take a while to show visible results. You do not have to go out of your way to take good care of your skin. Use ingredients that are easily available to pamper your skin with beauty treatments. Fruit facials make skin soft and give it that natural glow when used regularly. Natural skin care ingredients that can be used in various beauty treatments at home are:

• Oils

• Fruit pulp

• Vegetable pulp

• Skin of fruits and vegetables

• Yogurt

• Milk

• Turmeric powder

• Orange peel powder

• Mint leave paste

• Honey

• Sandalwood powder

• Cream

• Oatmeal powder

• Rosewater

• Chickpea powder

• Cocoa powder

• Coffee Powder

• Lemon

• Tea Powder

How to have beautiful skin-Tips for Soft smooth clear skin

1 Keep skin clean at all times. To have beautiful skin with a balanced tone give every body part equal importance during a bath.

2. When you are applying a facial, be gentle. Use your fingertips to spread the mix/paste, do not rub. Use a circular upward motion to spread a facial. Skin loses its elasticity and sags when you use a downward circular motion. An upward circular motion makes skin firmer.

3. Skin Exfoliation is essential. Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells and thereby boosts blood circulation. When blood circulation is good skin texture has a glow.

4. You can have beautiful clear skin only with a balanced intake of food. The right diet is essential for glowing skin. Eat right, eat balanced meals. Every body type differs. When a dietician recommends a diet plan in accordance with your body type do not ignore it, but religiously follow it. Every diet plan recommended by a nutritionist or dietician is in accordance with the body type. What works for somebody else may not work for you. When you stick to a planned diet your intake if proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats is balanced. A balanced intake of food is essential for soft smooth skin.

5. Wash your face every time you come from outside. Impurities, grime, dust and small particles present outdoors stick to skin. Bad skin is often a result of clogged pores due to impurities settling on skin. It is essential to keep skin clean from impurities and dirt. Use a cleanser. Raw milk

with cream is a natural cleanser that is an excellent remedy for clear skin before applying facial or scrub. The basics of skin care are important if you long flawless skin.

6. Keeping skin hydrated is important. Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water on a daily basis to keep skin hydrated. Also, consume fresh juice without straining natural fiber. Consumption of water and fresh juices is essential if you wish to have beautiful clear skin.

7. Avoid a hot water shower or hot water bath. It is always a good idea to take lukewarm water bath instead of a hot water bath. A hot water bath deprives skin of natural moisture and also stretches skin and makes it rough and dry. Lukewarm bath or cold water bath ensure skin remains supple and soft.

8. The best time to apply a facial is two or three hours after a bath. It is essential to apply a face mask or body facial on skin that is clean and free from impurities.

9. To have flawless skin make sure you massage your skin with natural oils once a week. You can use baby oils to make your skin soft or also use milk based pastes mixed with oils.

10. Make it a point to clean make up thoroughly daily if you want soft clear skin. When you remove make up make sure you wash your face clean with splashes of cold water.

11. Do not experiment with too many home remedies for soft smooth clear skin. Use what works best for your skin. For example, some may benefit with turmeric, milk, honey, and lemon paste, while those same ingredients may not work for others. The key is sticking to useful ingredients once you know they work well for you. When you find natural ingredients that work in accordance with your skin type, use them regularly for best results.

12. Do not use products that have strong chemicals. Many beauty products available in the market are harsh on the skin and damage skin balance in the long run. When this happens skin loses its luster. Use natural formulations. Herbal creams, creams, gels and ointments that have minerals and vitamins are ideal as they maintain perfect balance in skin moisture.

13. To maintain beautiful clear skin, make sure you use a natural body lotion, cream, gel or ointment after a shower. Pores open after a bath. Skin gets excellent nourishment after a bath. Applying a moisturizer becomes easy after a bath because absorption is made easy because of open pores. Skin rejuvenation and skin care is best after a bath.

14. Do not lie in a sleeping position immediately after you have a skin treatment at home. After a beauty treatment many women make a mistake of lying on a bed. After a body facial or face mask treatment, the skin is soft and supple. If you lie down immediately fine impressions of sheets or your clothing may damage certain areas of skin. Wait awhile before you hit the bed.

15. Most women rub their body with a towel after a bath, or a beauty treatment at home. You may use the softest bath towels, but if you are not gentle using towels you will cause damage to your skin. You do not use a towel to rub skin. Ideally a towel should be used to absorb water that remains on skin. The right way is to press the towel gently on skin to absorb water and dry skin naturally. This procedure should be used on the entire body after a bath. Rubbing a towel on skin causes visible lines and marks that ruin skin aesthetics and natural skin elasticity.

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