How To Add Youtube Videos To Your Triond Articles

A few writers that have joined Triond recently asked me how to add YouTube videos to Triond articles. This article will explain in detail how to insert videos in your content.

An excellent way to make your articles more attractive is by adding videos. Adding a relevant video to your article body gives the article a defined layout and that added bite. A video is effective tool that generates views to your content and helps other users access it in accordance with requirement. How to add YouTube videos to articles? If you’ve been losing sleep wondering how this is done,

do not be troubled the lines to follow will be of help. Many writers feel adding videos to their content is a complex process. On the contrary, it isn’t. Triond Online Editor is a simple tool that makes life easy. Adding YouTube videos to your Triond Articles is very simple. Here’s how you add YouTube videos to your articles on Triond. Follow these simple steps to add videos to your content.

1. The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to place the YouTube video in your article body. Place the cursor there and click.

2. Once that’s done, go to the YouTube video you want to add/insert. Play the video to make sure it works.

3. Below the YouTube video there is a Share button. It’s located in line with the like and dislike button. Click the ‘Share’ Button.

4. After clicking the ‘Share’ Button you will see’ Embed’ button in a rectangular box in line with ‘Email button.

5. Click the ‘Embed’ button.

6. After you click ‘Embed’ you will see a code in a long rectangular box. Copy that entire code/URL.

7. Once that’s done go to the icons just below “Article Body” on your Triond Submit page. Located in the second line is an icon that looks

like a film strip. When you place your cursor on the icon it will read “Embed a YouTube Video” Click the film strip icon.

8. When you click the film strip icon a rectangular box will appear. There it says “To include a YouTube video in your post copy and paste the YouTube URL here:”

9. Paste the entire YouTube code/URL in the rectangular box displayed and click the “Embed Video” button.

10. After you click the ‘Embed Video’ button a code will appear where you had placed the cursor in the article body.

11. To check if the video is working click the Preview icon (it’s the shape of a Magnifying Glass) that’s located next to the film strip icon.

12. After clicking the Preview icon you will be able to see your article with the YouTube video.

There you have it. Using Triond Online Editor is simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to add YouTube videos to your articles. Hope this article was helpful for writers that were not aware of how to add videos to their Triond articles.

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