How To Burp A Baby After Feeding: Different Positions To Burp A Baby

When a baby burps it’s the most satisfying feeling for a mother. Burping a baby after a feeding session or during one is of essential importance. While most mothers do know how to burp their babies, first-time mothers and Fathers have difficulty with positioning their baby for burping. This article shares information on different positions that can be used to burp a baby, the right way.

Burping a baby is essential because it provides significant relief from gas that is trapped in the baby’s stomach. Babies feel heavy after a feeding session, that’s why they spit out what they consume. Babies

should not be put to sleep immediately after a feeding session. After a feed or during a feed it is important to burp a baby. When babies are burped they are less fussy and also become less fidgety. Though there is no rule that says a baby has to be burped after feeding, small belches serve a purpose, they make the baby feel better. Also, a baby that is put to sleep in a lying down position immediately after a breastfeeding session is more likely to get hiccups or splatter big in his/her diapers. Babies that are bottle-fed need to be burped more frequently than babies that are breast-fed because they tend to swallow more air during a feed.

When a baby is cranky, restless, and uncontrollable while feeding, try burping the baby. It is ok to burp a baby, when the baby is halfway through the feeding session. Burping a baby is also a good idea while the mother of the baby switches breasts. There are different positions to burp/belch a baby. The lines below will throw light on how to burp a baby.

Sitting Position- On your Lap

Most mothers use this position to burp their baby after feeding. Place your baby facing away on your lap. Make sure your baby is wearing a bib because sometimes babies ‘spit out’ while burping. One hand should properly support your baby’s body, while the palm of the other hand should be gently supporting the chest. As you do this the fingers of your hand supporting the baby’s chest should provide support to the baby’s jaw and chin. Lean your baby gently forward and while doing so pat the baby’s back gently.

Chest Position- On your Chest/Shoulder

This is another popular position to burp babies. Hold your baby against your chest in such a way

that the baby’s chin rests comfortably on your shoulder. One hand should be comfortably supporting your baby below. Use your free hand to gently pat the baby’s back or rub the back. Some mother’s adopt a different variation of this position. In this variation, the baby is placed high on the shoulder allowing the baby’s tummy to lightly press on the holder’s shoulder. This creates a gentle pressure to evoke a burp. If you want to use the variation make sure you check the placement of the head and body of the baby in front of a mirror. Keep in mind the baby should not be slumping too high over a shoulder.

Face Down Position- Lying across your lap

In this position place your baby face-down on your legs lying perpendicular to your body. Make sure the baby is comfortable in the face-down position. One hand should be used to support your baby’s jaw and chin while the other hand should gently pat or gently rub the back. This position/method is excellent for gassy babies.

Keep in mind you can use any of these methods/ positions to burp a baby. If a particular position is making the baby uncomfortable try another one. Use a burp position that is comfortable for the baby. Do not force a baby to burp. Most babies spit up a teaspoon of milk during a feed or after feeding, it’s normal. Tiny burps should come naturally when you adopt these methods. It is perfectly ok if a baby does not burp. Some babies burp a lot, while others don’t and that’s the way it is.

You can watch video demonstrations of how to burp a baby here…


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