How To Make The Sound Of A V10 Lamborghini With Your Mouth Using A Beer Can

Alexis form Argentina replicates the engine sound of a V10 Lamborghini with his mouth using a beer can. Here’s how you make the Sound of a V10 Lamborghini with your mouth using a beer can.

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A Lamborghini is what every supercar aficionado craves for. However, since the price of this speed demon is as insane as its speed, the not-so-rich supercar enthusiasts have to settle for something less expensive. Alexis, a dude, does what most at his age do rather well, drink beer and sodas. However like

many others, he does not toss away cans into oblivion, he uses them to replicate engine sounds of supercars. You may have seen friends reproduce car sounds or engine sounds with their mouth,
but this guy has perfected the fine nuances and is in a league of his own. Formula car racing enthusiasts and Indy Car race enthusiasts will love what Alexis is capable of doing. In this video Alexis from Argentina demonstrates how to achieve the detailed sound of a V 10 using vibration frequencies. This guy can replicate sounds of sports cars astonishingly well. The braking and downshifting sound as a car enters a corner towards 6.15 in the video is a jaw-dropper in every aspect.

Without further delay here’s how you can make the sound of a V10 Lamborghini with your mouth using a beer can…


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