How To Squeeze Out Blackheads On The Nose When Everything Else Fails

A number of persons squeeze out blackheads on the nose when everything else fails. If you do not pop a blackhead properly, you are likely to leave behind a scar, blemish, or mark on skin. This space reveals the right way to squeeze out blackheads.

Most teenagers with acne stand in front of a mirror and mercilessly squeeze out blackheads. When the squeeze technique does not work, a portion of the nail is used to get to the root of the blackhead and eliminate it, when you do this you damage skin. Marks and scars remain. Blackheads frequently form in a

cluster on the nose. This happens because when we wash our face clean we spend most of our time massaging and caressing our cheeks and forehead and jaw line, the nose is ignored most times. Grime and dirt on the nose make skin oily and this further leads to growth of minute hair follicles that form blackheads.

The best way to pop out a blackhead/pimple seed is by softening skin. How do you do this? First use a scrub and clean you face. This helps exfoliate dead skin and thereby expose blackheads for extraction. After a while boil some water in a vessel and get steam

on your face. Please! You need just steam; do not go that extra mile. After you give your face a steam bath stand in front of a mirror and gently apply pressure with two fingers. The right way is to move your fingers in an upward direction. As you do this a few times the seed/ blackhead starts to surface. As the blackhead comes out of the root a yellow pus-like fluid or a trickle of blood may ooze out. Do not panic, Pick up a tissue and wipe clean after washing the face with splashes of water. Rub ice for a while on the nose where the blackhead was extracted and then apply either turmeric paste, diluted tea tree oil, or a paste of neem leaves. This method of squeezing out a blackhead leaves no marks or scars.

Never use your nail to dig out blackheads.

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