How To Tie A Tie: The Right Necktie Knot

Most men wear a tie for formal occasions, and go drastically wrong with the necktie knot. How to tie a tie? What is the proper way to tie a tie? What should be the ideal length of the tie? How big or small should the necktie knot be? What type of tie knot should one wear for various formal occasions? All this and more about ties answered in this space.

The tie makes a man or breaks a man. If you tie a tie the wrong way, it shows. A tie with a wrong knot looks clumsy, shabby, and ruins visual

aesthetics. Women love men in formal attire. Most times men get it right with their suits for formal occasions but go horrendously wrong with the tie knot. There are different types of knots worn in accordance with an occasion. Getting the right necktie length is of prime importance. If the length of a tie is not right, your entire body frame looks disproportionate. Discussed below are some popular knots for ties.

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Four In Hand Knot- This is a popular necktie knot worn for a number of formal occasions. It’s slightly asymmetrical in appearance and is ideally suited for button-down shirts. Anybody can wear a Four in hand knot, however, men that are short should opt for this knot because it elongates the frame, making you look taller than you actually are. This knot looks exceedingly good on thick shirts. This is the preferred knot in the western world. A relatively modern knot that is simple at the same time dynamic.

Pratt Knot- Pratt Knot also popularly known as Shelby Knot is a fairly wide knot that suits various shirt fabrics. This knot can be worn for formal and semi-formal functions. It is a knot with a unique identity because of the fact

that it starts backwards, with the front of the tie facing your chest and the back of the tie facing out.

Half Windsor Knot- This is a symmetrical necktie knot that can be worn on any type of shirt. The Half Windsor has gained in popularity because of its clean aesthetics that add visual dynamism to shirts. This triangular tie knot is slightly different from Windsor Knot.

Windsor Knot- Also known as Double Windsor or Full Windsor, this necktie knot is wide and triangular. Windsor Knot is the most popular knot for formal events. This type of knot gives a man a marked presence. This necktie knot looks particularly classy on shirts that have a spread collar. While anybody can look stunning with a tie that has this knot, tall individuals nail it when they sport this knot because the wide form of this knot gives a defined layout to attire. Windsor knot is a hugely popular tie knot at job interviews and during presentations.

Here is a list of other popular knots for neckties

• St. Andrews Knot
• Small Knot
• Plattsburgh Knot
• Victoria Knot
• Hanover Knot
• Cavendish Knot
• Balthus Knot
• Grantchester Knot
• Manhattan Knot

Most tie knots have alternate names. Over the years several variations of popular tie knots have emerged. Happy Knotting!

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