Its Time To Get Off The Computer And Get Some Rest When...

Its time to get off the computer and get some rest when...

When you are physically exerted and mentally drained being in front of the computer may not be the right decision. For daily computer users spending a day without computers is indeed a tough task, but there are certain indicators that make you realize it’s sensible to take a break and keep away from the computer for a while.

It’s time to get off the computer and get some rest when… You…

1. Click ‘Delete’ or ‘Cancel’ way too often.

2. Say ‘Hello’ picking up the mouse when your mobile phone rings.

/> 3. Take approximately 10 minutes to read a sentence and go back to the start after you’ve read it.

4. Stare at the screen and yawn as your eyes water.

5. Click ‘Close’ instead of ‘Sign Out’

6. Use your Twitter password on Gmail and curse it when

it reads “The Username or Password You Entered is Incorrect”.

7. Open the front door and wonder why the refrigerator looks so empty.

8. Are not able to figure out what ‘and’ means.

9. Feel the sound coming from the speakers is a voice in your head.

10. Reply every mail or message in monosyllables.


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Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a Freelance Content Writer. I like to learn something new every day. When I’m not at the computer, I’m either reading or on vacation. I dwell in peace, I hope you do too. My Favorite Quote “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”- Dalai Lama

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