John Petrucci: Rock Discipline

It’s time to pick up your guitar and resurrect your playing to the next level! John Petrucci, the fleet-fingered guitar slinger of progressive rock band Dream Theater showcases a tsunami of styles on the DVD aptly titled “Rock Discipline”.

The warm up fret board exercises and stretching techniques featured on this video strengthen the left hand immensely. “Rock Discipline” compiles a series of fret board patterns that help you develop speed and accuracy. Petrucci demonstrates various soloing concepts like a well oiled machine. From the basic alternate picking to the legato techniques it’s all there.

This DVD focuses on a

step by step approach towards technique. Each section is well documented. Petrucci stresses the importance of using a metronome at practice. Using a metronome will definitely help you get your timing right while attempting to pull off those fast runs. Fans of Petrucci will be exhilarated to watch segments of their guitar hero talk about his
early influences, and his introduction to the guitar. Footage of Petrucci explaining the kind of guitars and set up he uses is beautifully showcased in Rock Discipline.

This Warner Brothers instructional release is accompanied by a booklet that contains various exercises and techniques demonstrated by Petrucci, on the video. Rock Discipline is intended for guitarists who want to improve their technical prowess over the instrument, rather than novices who want to get a feel of it. Two hours of guitar instructions by guitar guru John Petrucci is totally worth the amount you spend. Save up! Buy this one.


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