Made In China Has Replaced Made In Japan On Gadgets

In the recent past almost every other gadget had the words Made in Japan inscribed. Now, every gadget you purchase reads Made in China.

In the 70s, 80, and early 90s most electronic items you came across had tiny inscriptions of the words Made In Japan. Walkmans, calculators, watches, radios, music systems, remote controlled toys, and other gadgets bore the ‘Made in Japan’ inscription. Past 1995, it’s been the Chinese dominance. Every gadget available in the market today has ‘Made in China’ inscribed. Not only gadgets, but every commodity you can think of is Made in China. Irrespective of which part

of the globe you live, if you buy a household commodity, chances are that commodity is made in China. Production departments and manufacturers swear by China because of low cost of labor and optimum output.

Workers in Chinese factories are not paid as well as factory workers in other countries. China exports the largest number of gadgets. How do they mange this? Most production units offer factory workers overtime incentives/salary. A number of factories in China have dormitories for workers to take rest/sleep when production demands are exceptionally high. Most Factory workers put in 16 hours a day to earn extra income to support their large families. In present times China is the largest exporter in the world. China does hold reins of the world market, but are Chinese goods as good as their Japanese counterparts.

There have been a lot of complaints by consumers from all over the world in regard with Chinese goods being sub-standard. Toys from China have been taken to the whipping post by consumers, with many complaining about inferior quality material being used. Cell phone manufacturers, electronics companies, computer hardware companies, have made China their hunting ground. It’s safe to say that most parts that go into making gadgets and electronic devices are sourced from China. By sourcing major parts, and assembling in China, manufacturers are able to offer the finished product at a lower price in world markets.

A matter of concern though

in recent times is the number of meticulously crafted fake products passed off as original in markets. A large number of fake Tablets, Headphones, Smartphones, portable media players, musical instruments, and watches amongst other items with logos of the original are available in consumer markets. Fakes that have emerged from Chinese markets are made with precision and detail. If you hold a fake in one hand and the original in the other you cannot spot a difference. Make purchases from reputed stores, to ensure you don’t end up owning a fake item.

I am a gadget freak. Most of my gadgets from the 80s have’ Made in Japan’ inscribed on them. I have 68 Japanese gadgets in total. Out of these just two are not working, a walkman and a pocket flashlight, they need some tinkering. Past 2000 most of my gadgets have ‘Made in China’ inscribed on them. I’ve had a really torrid time with some of these gadgets that went dead barely within a year after purchase. It’s really difficult getting original gadgets or electronic items that are made in Japan. I hope and pray the “Made in Japan’’ days make a comeback.

My thoughts warn me if gadgets with ‘Made in Japan’ inscribed on them do make it in markets, they could in reality be ‘Made in China’.

Lord! Help every gadget lover in this world! We need you now more than ever!


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