The Power Of A Smile: Making Life Meaningful

We live in an age where a frown often overpowers a smile. Why is this happening? Every living individual looks sublime when he/she wears a smile. Why then do we seldom smile and come across smiling faces? Life is meaningful only with a smile.

Who is responsible for smiles disappearing? Have we become mechanical animals that feel no emotion? Are technological advances to blame? Are we caught in a web we have created? Every individual will have an opinion in regard with these questions. Innocence is lost as we grow older, but our teachers for life will remain children. Yes,

children are the greatest teachers. Unlike most adults, children do not need reason to smile. Regardless of who you are, where you come from a child greets you with a smile.

Warmth of a genuine smile rubs off instantly. It gives new meaning when life seems impossible. The power of a smile is tremendous, almost magical. A smiling face can ease tense moments. Transformation and emotional healing attributes itself to a smile. There is not a person in this world that does not complain about life. Everybody in this world has their share of sorrow. When we face problems and worries it’s our inner self that is hurt most. Remember, we are a creation, and no creation has a

solution for the inner self. Self realization through meditation and prayer is essential for every human. A meaningful life is what you perceive it to be. Every individual holds their own reins to happiness.

The greatest gift our creator has given us is the freedom to choose. The choices you make in life determine the absence or presence of a smile on your face, choose wisely. Every individual in this world should find inner peace. Search for peace not outside, it lies within you, connect with it. When teachings in every religion talk about love, why make room for hate. Do not harm your inner consciousness for moments of pleasure. We fail to smile when the balance of inner consciousness is disturbed. Your heart will crave for everything that fades away. Your weapon to encounter every situation in life is self-belief. Negativity grows when you lose self-belief. It’s you that makes life meaningful or meaningless. Our world requires smiles. Spread smiles and witness a miracle happen. Let us be childlike, let us smile. If you haven’t realized the power of a smile, you soon will.

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