Mark Goffeney Has No Hands- He Plays The Guitar With His Feet

Mark Goffeney is a guitarist who was born without arms. He plays guitar with his feet. Mark never let his handicap deter him from accomplishing his goals. This is the story of an armless guitar player that has achieved the impossible.

Mark Goffeney was born in San Diego, California, in a musically inclined family. He used to play the trombone in his early days with his school band. Mark realized his love for the guitar at age 9. One day, his father bought home an old guitar with 4 strings which he came across lying beside a garbage dump. Mark

fell in love with the guitar and asked his friend, a neighborhood guitarist to instruct him. Mark’s love for the guitar was evident. Friends helped and encouraged him to take up music seriously. And so, began Marks journey in the world of guitar. It’s only his love for the guitar that helped him develop a playing style and technique with his feet.

Mark Goffeney is fondly known as’ Big Toe’

and also has a band named Big Toe. Mark is vocalist and bassist in the band. Mark places his guitar on the ground and supports the neck of the guitar with any object he comes across. He strums with his left foot and uses his right foot for chord shapes and scales. With his band, Mark has released a CD titled Big Toe. Today Mark Goffeney is a successful speaker, performer and television personality. Mark Goffeney’s story is an inspiring reminder that teaches us nothing is impossible if you have the will and desire to move forward. All that is required is grit, determination and self belief to overcome every stumbling block you come across in life. It’s the mind that has to overcome hurdles. Mark Goffeney…The best for you is yet to come.

Watch Mark Goffeney play the Guitar

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