Most Powerful Goddesses Of Love And Lust

In mythology, love deities have been revered and worshiped. While goddesses have been associated with different mythical scenarios, its goddesses of love and lust that have been known to captivate and mesmerize with their ethereal and mysterious ways. Fathom depths in a showcase of the most powerful goddesses of love and lust.

While concepts of beauty may have evolved over the years, the language of love and lust remain the same. We are a vivid reflection of how past deities were deemed to be, and it will continue to be until the last days on earth. Different mythologies have had powerful goddesses of love and lust. Every goddess associated with love or lust is associated with special powers in accordance with their skills. In present times, the word ‘Goddess’ is often used as an expression by men to describe stunningly beautiful women. The role of love deities covers a wide spectrum in

mythology. Every power that a goddess possessed was attributed to numerous activities that helped overcome.

Mythological Goddesses of love and goddesses of lust- Their Associations

Goddesses of lust have been known to play a vital role in mythological wars. Goddesses associated with lust have encompassed various avatars to overcome their enemy with seduction, arousal and sexual desire. Mythological goddesses of lust have been associated with various forms of seduction integral to a broader perspective in mythological scenarios. Love, beauty and lust were some of the most important elements associated with Goddesses. Beauty of goddesses in mythology had purpose. Deities of love and deities of lust were known to mesmerize with their beauty and cast a spell on hearts and minds.

Goddesses of lust in various mythologies have played an important role in assisting War Gods. Love and Lust was considered an important aspect in mythological wars. Armies of Gods during war were believed to be drawn towards lustful desire with spells cast by Goddesses of lust. While facts remain unknown about love deities in different mythologies, what emerges clearly is the role of beauty in love, lust, and betrayal.

The list below showcases Goddesses of Love and Lust from different mythologies.

Most Powerful Goddesses of Love and Lust

Greek Mythology

  • Aphrodite- A powerful Greek Goddesses associated with beauty, procreation, love and pleasure.
  • Philotes- Was considered a Greek goddess strongly associated with friendship and affection.
  • Peitho- A powerful Greek goddess associated with seduction and persuasion.

Egyptian Mythology

  • Bastet- Although Bastet was considered a Goddess accomplished in warfare, she was also associated with joy, love, dance and music.
  • Hathor- This ancient Egyptian Goddess was associated with joy, motherhood and the feminine aspect of love.

Hindu Mythology

  • Rati- A Hindu goddess associated with lust, passion, sexual pleasure, carnal desire, and love. She is often linked with sexual activity, ancient sex techniques and arousal.
  • Parvati- A powerful Hindu goddess associated with fertility, devotion and love.

Celtic Mythology

  • Aine- Considered a goddess of wealth, love, sovereignty, fertility and summer in Irish folklore. 
  • Cliodhna- Few Irish myths believe Cliodhna is the goddess associated with beauty and love.
  • Aibell- In Irish myth and Irish folklore Aiebell has been described as a guardian spirit and temptress in visions.

Germanic and Norse Mythology

  • Frigg- A Germanic Goddess often linked with wisdom and foreknowledge, she is also associated with love.
  • Freyja- A Goddess in Norse mythology associated with beauty, sexuality, fertility, and death.
  • Sjofn- A goddess that encompasses love in Norse mythology.
  • Lofn- A goddess in Norse Mythology known as the ‘arranger of marriages’ and also associated with forbidden love.

 Roman Mythology

  • Venus- Venus was a Roman goddess often closely associated with beauty, desire, fertility, sex and love.
  • Suadela- A Roman goddess known for her persuasive abilities at seduction, love and romance. 
  • Cloacina- A Roman goddess known to preside over marriage and various forms of sexual intercourse.

Albanian Folklore        

  • Prende- Considered a powerful goddess of love in various interpretations of Albanian folklore.

Chinese Mythology

  • Nuwa- An ancient goddess from Chinese mythology who is known to be associated with marital affairs, especially in the art of evoking sexual desire among married couples.
  • Chuangmu- A powerful goddess associated with the bedchamber, known to oversee all things that took place in the bedroom.
  • Bai Mudan- This goddess from Chinese Mythology is known to be a temptress and seductress.

Moroccan Mythology

  • Quandisa- A prominent Moroccan mythological goddess that encompasses the spirit of lust. Quandisa was known to trap young men by seducing them and then driving them to the edge of sanity.

Aztec Mythology

  • Talzolteotl- An Aztec goddess known for patronizing adultery. Talzolteotl is also linked with midwives, filth and sexual misdeeds, aside from being deemed to
    be a purification goddess.
  • Xochiquetzal- A powerful goddess from Aztec mythology considered as a symbol of sexual power and protector of young mothers during childbirth and pregnancy. Xochiquetzal is also often associated with beauty, fertility, and women’s crafts.

Canaanite Mythology

  • Qetesh- A powerful goddess known to encompass different forms of beauty, fertility, sacred ecstasy and sexual pleasure.
  • Astarte- A goddess that represented fertility, war, and sexuality.

Mesopotamian mythology

  • Nanaya- Nanaya was a powerful goddess associated with sensuality and voluptuousness, a popular deity worshiped and revered by Akkadians and Sumerians.
  • Ishtar- A goddess associated with sex, fertility, war, and love in ancient Babylonia.
  • Nin-imma- A fertility goddess associated with female sex organs.

Slavic mythology

  • Ziva- A Polish goddess associated with fertility and life.
  • Dzydzilelya- A Polish Goddess associated with fertility, marriage, sexuality, love and rain.
  • Lada/Lado- A powerful deity associated with beauty, love and merriment of youth.

Yoruba Mythology

  • Oshun- A goddess associated with beauty, intimacy, love, sensuality and creativity.

Etruscan mythology

  • Turan- An Etruscan goddess depicted as a winged girl associated with vitality, fertility and love.
  • Albina- Albina was a powerful goddess of lovers who met with ill- fate, a protector of ill-fated lovers.
  • Alpanu- A goddess of the underworld depicted naked in pictorial images, associated with various forms of sexual activity.

Armenian Mythology

  • Astghik- A powerful pagan deity associated with fertility and love. In the later Heathen years, she was considered as a goddess of beauty.

Lithuanian Mythology

  • Milda- A goddess in Lithuanian mythology associated with various aspects of freedom and love.


  • Hausos- A powerful love goddess associated with the personification dawn, often depicted as a beautiful young girl in pictorial representations.   

Indigenous Religions

  • Maria Lionza- Revered and worshiped as a Goddess of Love, nature, peace and harmony.

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