Obsession With Keyword Research For Seo

All online writers undergo a learning curve which includes learning about the SEO techniques for writing, and getting traffic to the articles.

Some writers give up learning about SEO as they think it is too hard to grasp.

The rest learn as much as they can about keyword research for SEO, and try to optimize their content accordingly.

There is a small group of writers who get obsessed with the keyword research for SEO.

They are on the lookout for the most rare and expensive keywords to use. They hope that by finding such keywords and writing into their content, they can get rich


They can spend days on the research. The problem is that when they find such expensive keywords, they do not know much about the subject matter to write.

They have to do more research to understand the term, and to know enough so that they can write naturally.

After they have published the content, they expect to see the earnings soar the next day.

They are disappointed to see that they have not earned a single cent by employing such tactic in writing.

They forget that the internet is saturated with articles containing such expensive keywords. Their articles have no chance of competing with millions of other articles in the same topic.

They are basically writing for money, and that takes

the joy out of writing.

What is the point of learning all about Chicago personal tax attorney when your interest is in knitting and cooking?

You might as well spend your time experimenting with recipes, and write recipes. You are more likely to become expert in this area. Your articles will attract those who are looking for fresh ways to cook chicken, and mushroom.

It is good to learn about keyword research for SEO. You can use the knowledge to get the most relevant keyword, and improve readership to your content.

Bear in mind not to get obsessed with keyword research for SEO.

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