Proof: God Does Exist

Does God exist? The answer to this question varies on a personal level. There are many that believe God does not exist, and many more who are of the opinion he does. The school of thought differs in accordance with personal experiences, scientific learning, faith, and belief. Every non-believer wants facts and evidence that a Supreme Being is responsible for our presence or absence on this planet. There is proof, God does exist.

Where did we come from? Did we fall from the sky? Are we aliens to another world? Is there another world? Are we a sons and daughters of

an ancient celestial rainfall? Is what’s written in the Bible the Truth? Questions such as these or similar infuse our thought process with doubt when we grant ourselves the freedom to decide. If we decide for ourselves why do we need proof?  Who are we to decide? We did not create ourselves, but we chose to become what we are because of the greatest gift given to mankind, freedom. If our creator or that Supreme Being had not given us the gift of freedom, would have things been better? Definitely not! This universe where love and hate co-exist would only permit hate if freedom was not bestowed upon us.

We may spend our entire life unearthing evidence that God does exist, or God does not exist. The key to freedom lies within us, and yet we spend our entire life searching for that key. There are many persons in this world that believe miracles will happen if you visit a holy land. Are you one among many such? Every person has their faith and belief, it’s personal. We kneel before statues, we kiss statues, we place our heads at the feet of a statue, and we spend hours gazing at images of Gods and Saints praying with the belief that something good will happen in our lives, or lives of our dear ones.

Worth and Judgement- Proof that God exists

I’d like to narrate a small incident that took place in my life that moved me. My friend, an artist, and I went to a shrine. My friend was carrying a small rectangular piece of cardboard which she needed for a craft project. As we were seeking blessings my friend kept that small piece of cardboard where the pictures and statues of saints were placed, not intentionally, but to feel comfortable while praying. Immediately the entire crowd present raised an issue complaining that a cardboard should not be placed in a holy area, this act by my friend hurt sentiments. People complained because that piece of cardboard was

worthless and was kept in a place that was sacred. We tried to explain, but it fell to deaf ears.  My friend felt sad after every person present in the shrine gave her a piece of mind. She went home, and I went my way. Four weeks after the incident I visited the shrine and noticed a beautiful painting of Jesus kept amongst statues of saints.

When I looked closely I noticed it bore the mark my friend leaves on all her paintings. It was the same piece of cardboard she had used to bring to life this beautiful painting. Suddenly, a worthless piece of cardboard was garlanded and being revered. I thanked God for revealing the importance of worth and judgment. God reveals, to every person, every moment. If we fail to keep our eyes and heart open we shouldn’t be complaining about proof or lack of evidence that god exists. We do not have authority to judge others; judgement belongs to the mighty one. If wood, stone, or any other material carved or painted with an image of God can have such an impact on us, how foolish are we to need proof that creator does exist. We are gullible people who put our faith and belief in godmen and so-called holy-men but fail to recognize the works of our creator in our lives.  

Proof that God exists is all around us, within us. There is a purpose and plan for every individual. Every chapter that ends or every new beginning in our life happens because our creator does not give up on us; rather we give up on him. In times of distress we hope for a miracle to save us. When we feel low and depressed our spirit is hurt. We try ever trick in the book to feel better, it all fails. The nightmarish reality we have to face each day makes the chains around us heavier. If you are burdened, you are not alone, everybody is in some way. Is there a miracle worker in this world? Is there somebody who loves you and can change your life for better? There is, its God. Belief sets you free, doubt chains you. We do not have to be qualified to realize that fact we are a creation, the fact that we will all perish the same way we were created, until then let us live in peace and harmony.

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